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2012 Dirt 100: RockShox Reverb

2012 Dirt 100: RockShox Reverb

Billy Thackray Billy Thackray

If you haven’t tried using an adjustable seatpost then you really are missing out on a trick because we reckon they easily stand up there as one of the most revolutionary bits of kit, especially when it comes in the shape of this Reverb.

It offers a full 5” of step–less adjustment which is controlled via a remote hydraulic lever, and the whole thing is built to stay silky smooth even in the harshest of conditions. You can even adjust the return speed of the post using a dial on the lever. It might seem like a hefty investment, but we’d be incredibly surprised if it turns out to be one that you regret because this post really can make a trail ride a whole lot more fun, and it is without doubt the best design out there at the moment. In fact it’s so good that we now hate any bike manufacturer that makes a frame that hasn’t got either a 30.9 or 31.6mm seat tube. Every trail bike really should have one of these fitted.

Price: £299.99
Fisher Outdoor Leisure 01727 798 340

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  1. fordy

    best bike upgrade you can buy granted they are heavy and expensive but i couldnt live without mine now and these rockshox ones seem pretty reliable.

  2. Pumptrack Tim

    I dont know how I lived without one for so long.

  3. Hancock

    It’s close, but it’s not the right answer.

    I bought a 30.9 GD turbo way way back in the mists of 2008, one of my buddies got a Reverb for his Blur lt at the start of this year. We went to Inners the other weekend, guess who’s seatpost is going back for it’s second round of repairs?

    Dropper posts are great, but designers need to take a step back. They only need three settings, up, down and middle. Gravity Dropper have been selling a spring in a tube for yonks now, surely RockShox could make a killing if they simplified to the Reverb to be a spring in a tube and a simple damper?

  4. Machete

    i couldn’t live without my dropper post but nobody is making a perfect one yet. i had 2 early reverbs explode on me but my current model is holding up fine for now. it it wasn’t for the good warranty back-up i’d be very unhappy.

  5. TomCrouch2

    That is a great shock wow I think it will be my next purchase for my bike I am in need of a new shock

  6. Betsie

    I have not been a fan of these, since having a GD that was not very reliable, in the end the top mount snapping clean off (lucky not to sit down on it), then the KS, which lasted around 10 miles, leaving me in the mountains with a post that did not work.
    Now I have a Reverb, was up Torridon 2 weekends ago and it was excellent for that type of riding, I use it every day for my 5 mile commute to work, nothing beats hitting the mini Dh track in the muddy woods on the way to an office job, no need to get off to put the saddle up and down any more, just full tilt up, then full tilt down with no stops :o)

  7. treehuggergraeme

    When are steel hardtail manufacturers going to listen to this… can people please start making hardtails with seat tubes that fit the Reverb…. PLEEEEASE

  8. dlr

    Cotic have made a 31.6 seat tubed BFe for ages, now the new Soul and Solaris (29er) are also 31.6

  9. Neil Armstrong

    Or…….. when are rockshox going to release a seat post that fits all the thinner bore seat tubes. Is it impossible to fit all the necessary internals in ?!!!?? They would make a fortune to be sure!!!!!

  10. Eoin

    The reliability issue is a weird one. Gravity dropper seem to come out on top, plenty of people have been using theirs for years. Joplins have a terrible reputation but mine has never had any problem since i got it a year ago, but it does feel a bit off when it’s wet out. KS ones seem to be pretty weather proof, but fail over time. Hard to judge the reverb, first batch appeared terrible, possibly fixed now but no long term tests yet. It’s ridiculous that they are asking 300 quid for equipment which feels poorly tested and prone to fail.

  11. Tom

    I got mine new with bleed kit etc for £176 with free postage, from a bike shop in Isreal… Win!

  12. Stuart

    I was drunk one night and decided to bite the bullet and buy a reverb. I got one a 2012 Reverb with bleed kit and enduro clip for £180 from Germany. Received it 2 days later and have not looked back. Whether I’m riding Welsh trail centres, Peak district rock gardens, Woburns trails, or commuting to work in London it’s invaluable for comfort and saving time. Recommend it to anyone!

  13. exempt clothing

    This would have been my first entry into the book without doubt.

  14. WAKi

    Have the first series version, works great, feels great, a huge game changer for xc and trail riding. The only thing to complain is the lever that is easy to break. I understand the need of so long travel on it but then it should have been made from way burlier material. Tried briefly the KS i950 and it is great as well.


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