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2012 Dirt 100: Rockshox Revelation World Cup

2012 Dirt 100: Rockshox Revelation World Cup

Billy Thackray Billy Thackray

Sadly consistency in manufacturing is something that we see too little of when it comes to forks, but despite getting to ride countless pairs of Revelation’s we’re yet to experience a bad set.

That in itself is a rare quality, but to find a 150mm travel fork which works so well and is as light as these is perhaps even rarer. For such a light fork they’re surprisingly good at tackling the big stuff, but they’re also extremely sensitive and provide a high level of grip in all circumstances. As with the BoXXer’s these forks also score highly in reliability and ease of service. With only a small amount of mechanical skill you can strip these down and make sure they’re performing at their best.

There are a massive number of options in the Revelation range (although sadly not so many with a 1 1/8” steerer) including every axle type there is, but when it comes to the air spring we’d recommend going for the Dual Air rather than the Dual Position Air. It might need a bit of care when setting up, but the overall performance is better.

Price: £899.99
Fisher Outdoor Leisure 01727 798 340

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  1. Caunck

    Awesome forks even the cheaper versions are sorted. Easy to strip supple and hit anything with ’em is right. Dual pos. are not as good.

    But really unless your bike comes with them (you’d be happy enough) you’d splash the cash on Fox if you were upgrading. Not £899(seriously?!) on these.

  2. phil

    i switched from the dual air to the dual position and i have to admit that the dual air was a bit better to adjust but to be honest the dual position ist way more comfortable and still feels like a small boxxer

  3. Big Al

    I’ve got dual position and they are great. I’ve had fox 32 too and these are better I reckon.

  4. Caunck

    Dual position better is you’re not regularly on the rough stuff. Much morelinear.


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