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2012 Dirt 100: Rockshox Boxxer World Cup

2012 Dirt 100: Rockshox Boxxer World Cup

Billy Thackray Billy Thackray

With countless years of development behind it and input from more World Cup racers than any other fork it’s not exactly surprising that this BoXXer has turned out as good as it has done. It offers great sensitivity in roots and rocks, yet thanks to the bottom–out control it’s easy to set this fork up so that it still remains composed in the big stuff.

If anything it almost offers too many adjusters because you can easily get things wrong, but in the right hands a pair of these can be tweaked to perfection. The forks are also incredibly easy to service, which we think is a great attribute, but to be honest they’re pretty bloody reliable so you don’t need to do it too often.

Other things that we love about them are the welcome amount of chassis compliance which definitely stops you getting too beaten up, plus of course there’s their class leading weight. The Keronite finish is definitely the one to go for, as apart from being lighter it’s also far harder wearing.

Price: £1399.99

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  1. dan j

    boxxer ‘world cup’, except no world cup racer uses them

  2. Leon

    Bit of an exaduration don’t ya think ?

  3. Jay-Jay

    heard of danny hart?

  4. dan j

    yeah but they all running coil forks

  5. Tom

    It does annoy me how dirt never make any point of the ridiculous prices that bike components seem to have reached these days! I remember when a set of shit hot forks would set you back £600 max!

  6. James

    1400 quid then 50 quid every couple of ride to get them rebuilt when any one of the cheapo plastic bits inside break. Never again.

  7. Rob

    £1400 for set of bicycle forks is mental.

  8. Doc

    Dan J they are not all running coils. A whole lot of the World Cup forks you see are air sprung. Ive even been told by a SRAM rep that the hardest production spring rockshox makes isnt hard enough for Danny Hart so he uses very high air pressures to achieve his needed spring rate.

  9. bingo

    anyone know how these compare to the new kashima, ti-coil, 40’s?

  10. Ali

    Bingo – it’s all a matter of opinion, but having just spent a month on the 40s on the Session 9.9, having moved onto Boxxer World Cups on a new bike a few days ago, there’s no competition. The Boxxers wipe the floor with them.

  11. bingo

    hmmm that’s not really what i wanted to hear having just ordered a Canyon Torque!

  12. Jarno

    @Doc. That’s just stupid. Spring rate affects mostly on sag and even if Danny want’s his fork to be on the stiffer side, let’s say sag of 20%, I’m sure the boxxer with x-firm black spring will be more than enough for him. Danny can’t weight more than 70kg and that spring is ment for over 90kg. The air spring ramps up through the travel and it’s harder to make the fork to bottom out but still being active at mid stroke. An aggressive and light racer like Danny might want that from his fork. A racer wants to use all available travel on a proper world cup track and pumping airspring to ridiculous spring rate doesn’t allow that.

  13. tic

    1400 Quid for what essentially is a plastic bag o`parts worth 20…and a hassle ever 20h. Consumer quality – no pro rides air in WC – unless they are paid to do and have some greasemonkey rebuild them after every other race. Most ride coil. Dumptrucks and Racecars ride on coils. Good enough.
    Stop the marketing innovation madness and bring though and cheap produce and get rid of this crop of marketeers. They are totally off.

  14. James

    New Fox 40’s are air forks

  15. Jim

    I swapped these for marzocchi evo ti’s. bloody good move

  16. Ronin

    Seems ridiculous to compare what we would run to what wc racers would run. All the tech can’t match the raw skill and talent anyway but I guess it’s fun to run these and pretend.

  17. chavez


  18. sam

    @tic, spot on!

  19. what i got

    I’ve ran my 2011 Boxxer WC to the ground. Cleaned them out and changed the oil about 4 times in two full seasons of running them in Whistler.

    They held up to everything, big hits, subtle bumps and complete off cambere roots my wheels held.
    I’m no professional but I ride my bike as hard and fast as I can…. two complete seasons in Whistler…

    I’m happy with this fork 110%

    Although, I’f I moved, I would only go to the dorado.

  20. ed

    i’m pretty sure this isn’t an air fork but air over spring (to fine adjust spring rate)


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