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2012 Dirt 100: Nukeproof Scalp

2012 Dirt 100: Nukeproof Scalp

Billy Thackray Billy Thackray

Some companies come up with a suspension design and then get a shock to work with it, but when Nukeproof set about making the Scalp they knew from day one that they wanted it to work well with a Cane Creek Double Barrel.

It turns out that it was a good move because as a partnership the two work together superbly. The design allows you to extract every ounce of tuning from the shock, and at the same time the overall layout provides excellent power transfer. This bike is quick whether you’re pummelling some rock garden or sprinting on the flat. The squat nature of the frame is also great for manoeuvrability. We can’t talk about the Scalp without mentioning great value either because it is just that. The frame itself is highly competitively priced, but the new full build option is even more so with top end components such as a RockShox BoXXer World Cup and SRAM X0. Even the own–brand components are top quality, it’s definitely ready to race.

Price: Frame £1799.99 inc CCDB, Complete £3499.99
Hotlines 01313 191 444

Check it out at Mpora Gear

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  1. george

    TBH, I don’t think he complete bikes are that well priced, when you take the frame only pricing into account.

  2. chris dodd

    looks like a Trek……….lol

  3. LiL KiMs Lice

    “looks like a Trek” joke…so last season.

  4. me

    on the subject of treks…itd be hard to shell out nearly double that price for a shiney carbon wonder-trek when a bike like that can be bought with change left over to spent the summer in whistler

  5. Mr B

    Question is, will there be a 9er version?

  6. hairy

    got one-love it!

  7. Philby

    LiL KiMs Lice don’t you mean “looks like a Trek” joke… so last session 😛

  8. 4xlego

    loving the frame

  9. chris dodd

    Lil Kims, lighten up, sorry im rockin “last seasons jokes”………

  10. Trig

    Lots of high media praise and public demand, but no shop to buy them from other than brand owner chainreaction. Odd that?

  11. Pete-HotlinesEurope

    Trig, you’re quite right, the media and public reaction to the 2012 Nukeproof range has been excellent. We’re very excited about getting complete bikes out to our dealers.

    We have an extensive dealer network in the UK for Nuke Proof bikes, frames and accessories. Whatever you’re looking for Nukeproof-wise, you can find a stockist for it in the links below:




  12. Hancock

    @Trig, any shop carrying Nukeproof products or with a Hotlines account can get a hold of these frames. CRC just make the most noise about it, if these were my ‘own brand’ frames I’d make a lot of noise about it too.

  13. Pete Edwards

    One slight contradiction was that on one Nuke Poof review video they say last years teamed loved the frame so much the 2012 is the same as the 2011. Then on he nuke proof team video for RND 1 PMB they say the team requested a few alterations to the frame including adding 12mm to the top tube. I’m guessing the 2013 Scalp will reflect this.


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