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2012 Dirt 100: Maxxis Wet Scream

2012 Dirt 100: Maxxis Wet Scream

Billy Thackray Billy Thackray

Any DH rider should own a pair of mud tyres (even if you’ll only use them once in a while) and these Wet Screams are our personal favourite.

It’s a hard thing to get a mud tyre right, too high knobs and they’ll squirm all over the place, too low and they won’t cut through to the harder stuff underneath. With these Maxxis have got it spot on, and the quality of construction and compound is great too.

Of course like any mud tyre you’ll come unstuck if you try and use them in the wrong conditions, but these will get you safely through some rocky sections where others would falter. If you’re struggling to justify buying a set of these because you know you won’t use them much, then just think how long they’ll last you. You’ll also be bloody glad you did buy them the next time it really pisses it down.

Price: £44.99
One Industries Europe 01792 467 467

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  1. Lahar 72

    Cut / trim the centers and these make incredible drift tyres in the dry!

  2. Dagzin

    Get some specialized hillbillys you won’t have to cut em

  3. Craigybai

    Dirt must’ve never heard of the Schwalbe Dirty Dan then

  4. B-Roadie

    Conti Mud King is where it’s at!

  5. Leon

    Great tires yes , but Dirty Dans beat them hands down , no need to cut as they are a perfect hight and the grip on greasy off cambers surprises me every time ( in a good way ) great in dryer conditions too

  6. Craig B

    I have to say, although I have not tried the others, these are superb when the ground is utter shite (read normally unridable). Riding in Aston hill in late Autumn – Very Heavy leaf litter + clay-mud + chalk bed = downhill ice like suicide. Wet screams were like riding on hard pack with high rollers… The super tacky ones… when they are new… And you are only riding with a t-shirt because you are that comfortable….
    They are that good.

  7. mackeroo

    You’re all wrong: Onza Porcs! ;+)


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