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2012 Dirt 100: Mavic Crossmax SX

2012 Dirt 100: Mavic Crossmax SX

Billy Thackray Billy Thackray

Next up the Mavic ladder of strength are these SX’s, and once again they offer a great blend of strength, weight, and price.

At 1755g for the pair they’re still light enough to fit to a trail bike, but yet if they were available with a 150mm rear hub we’d be happy to run them on our DH bikes because they’re as hard as nails. Whether you choose these or the ST’s really comes down to how hard you are on wheels.

Most people would probably have no problems with the ST’s, but if like us you like taking your mid travel bike into territory that pushes it to the limit then a set of these are probably the better option. Certainly for enduro style DH races this is where we’d put our money, as wheels seem to suffer more than most during those kinds of events.

Price: £660.00
Mavic UK 01276 404 870

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  1. dughead123

    not sure they’re worth £660 but they sure are purty

  2. mk

    A friend of mine had a 2012 front SX spoke rip out of the rim, making the rim useless as it destroyed the thread. Anyone else had this problem?

  3. Eoin

    I’m a bit confused as to why mavics mp3 insurance is not mentioned here or in the ST review. As far as I am concerned, the real value for money is that for an extra 1 euro, you insure your wheels on a no questions asked, 2 year replacement policy on up to 3 wheels. So while 600+ on a pair of wheels is disgusting, you will be riding perfect wheels no matter what for 2 years… Also significantly helps resale value.

  4. mk

    Just read about this on the Mavic site, apparently the retailer has to include the mp3 card with your wheels and it has to be completed within 5 days.

    I don’t remember getting this card with my wheelset!

  5. billy

    @Eoin I’ll ask Ed (who wrote it) about that when he gets back next week.

  6. Eoin

    @billy if you havnt heard of it, maybe the contract only extends to certain countries? Out here in France I know most people ride mavic ST or SX wheels for the mp3 contract. Really makes you question the margins they are operating at also… Still tho, great idea to get people to buy the wheels new!

  7. mk

    Looks like it is available in the UK.


    I would have definitely bought this but didn’t know anything about it when I bought the wheels. Thanks Wiggle!

  8. MAV

    I think us in the UK are missing out on this MP3 program. I bought a Crossmax SX wheelset about 9 months ago and didn’t get any info on the MP3. My brother and mate has recently bought a pair also without MP3 details.
    How are we supposed to take advantage of this insurance if we don’t get given the details!

    Is it down to the retailer or Mavic to include this?

    The link above clearly states that they offer this service but they fail to include it with product when purchased. Then they only give 5 days to register after the purchase date!

    Has anyone in the UK received a MP3 insurance registration form with a pair of Mavic wheels?

  9. stu cutler

    There’s adverts currently running, including in this months dirt, which says the offer of MP3 for £1 is from 1st March to 15th May 2012. Also applies to their helmets.

  10. Hancock

    Begs the question, even with the MP3 warranty, how many wheels would I have to trash to be up on either a set of Hope Hoops or my Superstar/Alex Supra wheels that weigh in about the same? Gotta be a lot of Rims even at Mavic proprietry prices.

  11. chris-m

    A great set of wheels. They are super easy to service and the weight is exceptionally good. Also, their ST versions are much lighter than a King/819 equivalent (similar price). Wouldn’t worry about pulling spokes out of the hub though. Probably just a freak accident. I have seen loads of Mavic wheels sold  over the years and apart from their lower end wheels needing new spokes after a while (spokes seize to nips) the higher end ones don’t see this problem. 
    As long as you buy the right wheelset for what you ride, etc. 
    Bearings are superb too. Although a lot of money, they’re highly deserving of the award, IMHO.

  12. ddmonkey

    Can these really be 400 quid better than a pair of Hope Pro II’s with Stans Flow rims? I’ve had a pair of these for a season in the Alps, they still look like new. I’ll have them for a good few years yet I reckon.

  13. mk

    You can’t get a pair of hope pro 2’s with Stans Flow rims for £200?
    You’ll pay nearly £200 for the hubs alone!

    The price above for the Mavics are RRP, you can get them for £600 in most places.

    If you want a pair of Hopes to match the weight & strength, you would have to get Sapim x-ray bladed spokes with Flow rims. This will cost at least £400. The Flow rims also have faults – to get the weight down they don’t use spoke eyelets which can cause the spokes to rip out of the rim.

    At least with the Mavic Crossmax you get the MP3 insurance which I have only just dicovered! Which is worth the extra £200 over the Hope/Flows.

  14. mk

    Email back from Mavic, regarding the MP3 Insurance.

    “Unfortunately because Wiggle are an Online Retailer and are not registered with Mavic to sell MP3, through purchasing your wheels from Wiggle you will not qualify for MP3 cover”

  15. Jamazepam

    In your opinion guys would these be to much for wheel for general trail riding? 150 travel, red an black runs at Innerleithen,all mountain with some jumps for good measure.

  16. Daveooo

    Have been thinking of getting a set of these, or the more pimp looking Crank Bros. iodine’s, similar price/weight but strength/value for money? I can’t decide….. or do I buy 4 funky alloys and tyres (for the same price!!) for my camper.

  17. john

    Well Daveooo don’t get the Crank Brothers ones the mavic’s or hope hoops mentioned by some others on here are both much better.

  18. billy

    Just had a reply from Michel at Mavic and he told me:

    – Yes, MP3 program is available in UK.

    – Details can be found on the dedicated website @ http://www.mavic-mp3.com
    It can be found on the bottom line of our http://www.mavic.com homepage too.

    – Yes, it’s the dealer responsibility to propose & sell this additional service. This is not automatically included as normally the cost is a portion of the wheel price to add, not like this special “for £1 more”. Example:
    Crossmax SX MSRP is £660 and MP3 program is £51 more. But until May 15th it’s only £1
    on a selection of models (not the full range is concerned).

    – The retailer has to indicate on the registering card the item number of each wheel to
    ensure the proper tracking of the products. That way we can follow them properly while
    we will have to service them.

    – This MP3 program can be bought on a brand new wheelset or on OEM wheels too (brand new bike).
    The wheel’s references (serial number stuck on them) are compulsory to register.

    – Imagine you unfortunately hit a rock badly and bend your rim. Ask your dealer what would be the price to
    replace it… For safety reasons, we not only exchange the rim but the spokes too, as they had to absorb the tension and distortion. With the MP3 program, you don’t have to worry, it’s covered, we service the complete wheel, register the new rim in our data base and you can go ride again.

    What I mean is that the “return on investment” on the cost of the MP3 is reached since the first event.

    – Registration process:

    – buy the service at your dealer at the same time as your new wheels (or helmets)
    – get the card filled in from him. It contains: model name and serial number, Mavic retailer reference
    – register your products on line with the card details (within 5 days)
    – get the confirmation message
    – in case of need, go back to your dealer with your “member” card and your product
    – the dealer organize the service (informing Mavic UK, shipment…) free of charge
    – get your wheels back revamped and go ride

  19. Billfari69

    Has anyone had the card in spoke sound, I have been through 3 sets of Crossmax SX with the ITS system. Freehub is becoming heavily scored after only 100 miles. Mavic has taken care of me but say this might not be the wheelset for me. Even though I mostly use as a All mountain wheelset.No huge drops or lift service, mostly pedaling uphill. Has anyone seen this??? I love my wheelset but am sick of the noise this creates!!

  20. lee

    I’ve written off 2 of these wheelsets, luckily on the mp3 deal, once after 10 days in the alps and once after 3 weeks. Needed regular attention while i was out there as well. utter rubbish, they are stiff however,


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