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2012 Dirt 100: Mavic EX 823 rim

2012 Dirt 100: Mavic EX 823 rim

Billy Thackray Billy Thackray

We can’t remember a day when Mavic haven’t been the benchmark when it comes to rims, and even to this day you won’t find a single bad rim in their line up.

It doesn’t matter what your budget is, or what you need a rim for, these guys will have one that fits the bill. Out of all their offerings though our favourite has to be these EX 823’s which have proved to be as near bombproof as a rim can get.

Their UST design is undoubtedly responsible for a fair bit of the 655g weight, but because it’s so foolproof and reliable we can forgive it for that. There’s no messing with tapes or strips, just whack a tyre on and off you go. If you’re not into tubeless then look elsewhere in their range…or maybe it’s time you saw the light?

Price: £75.00
Mavic UK 01276 404 870

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  1. WAKi

    Just got myself a lighter version of these, the D 3.1 UST, they were used on first silver DeeMax, Mavic surely got rid of them and left only 823 and 819s as no one would buy their Deemaxes, people would just lace these to their favourite hubs.

  2. Leon

    Tough as fuck rims!

  3. phil

    riding them in my DH’s rear wheel… more than 3 weeks of Portes du Soleil and only one bigger dent…heavy as hell but the DT rims we tried in the alpes lasted max a week


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