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2012 Dirt 100: Hope Race X2 Evo Brakes

2012 Dirt 100: Hope Race X2 Evo Brakes

Billy Thackray Billy Thackray

The previous version of these minimalist Hope brakes already did a mighty fine job of proving that brakes don’t have to be big in order to be powerful, but this latest Evo version ups the power by another 15% whilst keeping all the things we love about the original. Basically we much prefer this simple slimline lever compared to Hope’s other chunkier offerings, and even without the extra power we never found it lacking, not even on a DH bike.

These brakes have also proved to be incredibly reliable, and even if things were ever to go wrong you’ll be backed up by Hope’s legendary after sales service. That last point on its own is almost reason enough to buy these brakes, but we’d still highly recommend them without it. They look great, have plenty of feel and power, are super light, and they’ve stood the test of time. What more do you want from a brake?

Price: £199.99
Hope 01282 851 200

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  1. Hancock

    What more could I want? Them on my bike damnit!
    I have the old versions, the big Tech lever suits my cowardly riding style much better 😀

  2. DB

    I have the V2’s and the only possible complaint is that you have to run the V2 rotors with them to get the full effect.

    2 weeks in the Alps and no fade issues what so ever.

    I absolutely love my V2’s and these looks just as sexy.

  3. John

    You’d have to be ma to buy any brakes other than the new Shimano ones, nothing else comes close and I’ve had most brakes including these.

  4. george

    I jsut ditched the new Shimano XTs (which are very good, to be fair) for a pair of these – the Tech lever versions, rather than the race one above – they’re night and day better than the XTs. Previous versions were underpowered, I wouldn’t have considered them because of that, but the Evos are far from it – and the feel, look, quality – everything on the Hopes is top notch.


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