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2012 Dirt 100: Hope Pro II Evo Hubs

2012 Dirt 100: Hope Pro II Evo Hubs

Billy Thackray Billy Thackray

There might be cheaper hubs out there, there might be fancier hubs out there, and there also might be slightly lighter ones out there, but that still doesn’t stop us from rating these Hope hubs as the most sensible place to lay your cash if you’re looking to build up a set of wheels.

We love that they’re made here in the UK, but not necessarily for patriotic reasons, it’s mainly because their customer service is faultless. If you’ve got a problem you just pick up the phone and they will get it sorted, and quickly too. To be honest though after years of tweaking the design on these muddy shores and the addition of the new stainless steel bearings the chances of anything going wrong with these hubs is slim to none, but if it ever does you’ll be pleased you bought something made by these guys.

Price: Front £60.00, Rear £145.00
Hope 01282 851 200

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  1. Kiwi Andy

    Recently got a set of these – started as front only but quickly smashed the rear too….. so now have a full set….. They run so well, no issues so far, but not really tested yet, but just heading into winter and Riverhead get muddy as!! As for the rear’s – well, if you’re being lazy on the trails, everyone knows cos you can here them coming….. :)

  2. Mpora | Gear

    Hey Andy, let us know if you fancy doing a review on the hubs for us over on the Gear site.

  3. Gravityfrea

    I bought a wheelset with these off Wiggle and had to replace the bearings in the rear straight away as they had play in them ( enough that the wheel had significant side to side movement). Living in Oz it was easier to just replace the bearings than go the warranty route but needless to say I was unimpressed.

  4. Optimus Doddsy

    Bought these in black as part of a hope hoops wheelset (721’s on pro 2 evo’s) and they are bomb proof, pick up nice and fast and if you love your hubs loud then these are definetly for you.Awesome.

  5. Leon

    click click click click clickclick click click click clickclick click click click clickclick click click click click

  6. hairy

    Rode for a year snapped the axle(150mm rear)-hope were hopeless for warranty. Didnt want to know. Also snapped virtualy every pawl.
    There brakes are so under powered compared to the competition nowadays.
    The gear no doubt looks good but i wouldnt touch a hope component again.
    Hate to bash what is a pivital part of the UK bike component front but this is real life 1st hand experience.

  7. joe cantello

    The best hubs ever made!!!!! Oh and there made in Yorkshire, where all the best stuff comes from!

    1. Patrick

      Unfortunately they are not made in Yorkshire, but you are right in the fact that Yorkshire is God’s country

  8. Kiwi Andy

    Yeah, no worries. Happy to get one in by the weekend, but would love to run them in wet, muddy conditions – probably just a few weeks as winter’s on it’s way!!

  9. TD

    Lancashire Joe not Yorkshire 😮

  10. darrenthepost

    Been using Hope hubs and brakes since the early nineties, NEVER had any mechanical issues with them other than wear and tear. Suppose I don’t ride hard enough? Wrong

  11. john

    So reliable. I take one of the seals off next to the freehub body so it spins faster, and the bearings still last just as long! Reakon they need to up the game on the brakes though to compete with the new shimano ones.

  12. chavez

    Only thing i had to replace was the wee springs in the free hub but that is par for the course shredding in Scotland and that was after 3 years. Ace hubs man!

  13. Daveooo

    Had mine (hope pro’s) on my hardtail since 2000 I think gone through a couple or rear and a front mavic 521 rims, but never touched or had a problem with the hubs!!

    And i’ve been wondering what to replace my full sus wheels with, mavic,, crank bros….. no question really

  14. JOEL

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