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2012 Dirt 100: Fizik Gobi XM

2012 Dirt 100: Fizik Gobi XM

Billy Thackray Billy Thackray

With its ability to mould to the shape of pretty much any sized arse the Gobi is without doubt the most popular seat around these parts.

We’re yet to find someone who doesn’t get on with one, and that in itself is reason enough to include it in the Dirt 100. There’s more though…they’re light enough to even pass muster with the lycra clad weight weenies, and you can throw in some typically fine Italian craftsmanship that manages to look just as impressive after several years use. A classy and comfy finishing touch for any bike.

Price: £79.99 – £149.99
Extra 01933 672 170

  1. Brentstyle

    Who makes a cheap and comparable copy?

  2. Big G

    @ Brentstyle, the charge spoon saddle was also in the list, only like £25 as well, don’t know what there like as i had one of these fitted as standard on my giant trance but not heard anything bad.

  3. Cookster

    The Charge Spoon is a lovely saddle and the white seems to hold it’s colour a lot better than other saddles I’ve had but I’ve snapped the Ti rails on two just pottering about. Have the Gobi xm muzzle on my new bike in black with black rails which seems ace so far.


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