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2012 Dirt 100: Five Ten Impact

2012 Dirt 100: Five Ten Impact

Billy Thackray Billy Thackray

We can’t even remember how many years have gone by since the launch of these sticky rubber soled shoes, but what we do know is that despite them hardly changing they’re still the shoe that everybody else is trying to beat when it comes to grip.

Have they succeeded? Have they f–k. Some other companies have recently just about crept into the same league, but it’s hard to imagine that there will ever be a day when somebody beats them. So, if you’re looking for maximum grip there really is no other place to look.

Five Ten now even have all style bases covered too with their new range of skate styles, but we reckon if you’re after a true DH shoe then the Impact’s are still the ones to go for thanks to the extra protection that they offer. A classic shoe if ever there was one.

Price: £90.00
Bigstone 01142 586 688

  1. Leon

    Make them water proof and they will likely never be beaten.
    A higher than the high top option would be ncie to for some more ankle support

  2. Tamatea

    I’ve got my first Stealth rubber shoes in 2002, Kovarik rode with, awesome shoes, I was the only person in my country for about 2 years, these shoes are technical, specific and expensive in that time!http://www.vitalmtb.com/product/feature/A-Sticky-Rubber-History,33


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