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2012 Dirt 100: ESI Grips

2012 Dirt 100: ESI Grips

Billy Thackray Billy Thackray

These ESI grips are the first silicone grips that we’ve ever come across but they’ve been something of a revelation.

Even the skinnier ‘Racer’s Edge’ version offers an unbelievable amount of comfort. Part of that has to be down to the material itself, but we also really like the way they’ve made the hole off–centre, as it means you get a skinny grip with a bit more material where you need it, and less where you don’t.

You’d also think that a grip that doesn’t have any pattern or texture on the surface would leave your hands flying all over the place, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. Somehow they even seem to get better in the wet, and that smooth finish obviously helps even further in the comfort stakes, particularly if you don’t wear gloves. Definitely worth trying out.

Price: Racer’s Edge £14.50, Chunky £15.50

Axel Imports 01202 785 864


  1. dirt dodger

    HOW CHUNKY IS CHUNKY? that’s what i wanna know, not seen these anywhere to be able to try them although would like them.

  2. Eoin

    Just ordered the chunky, holy #$%@ advertising works well on me. Love my Oury grips but my palms get too sore racing over 10 minute stages in French enduros. Hoping these will help somewhat, and if they dont I got them in tacky orange colour to match the bike, so that’s money well spent…

  3. John

    Without doubt the best grips going once you peel off the shitty gold stickers on the end caps.

  4. enri

    yeah,could be good just to compare them to other grips..always looking for something more comfortable!

  5. Jaggers

    Ive got a set of these on my spicy. They truly are the comfiest grips I have ever used. I was a bit cynical if they would stay put in the wet, but they haven’t budged. They stick to my renthal bars like glue..without using glue. As for how chunky they are, I reckon they are a tiny bit bigger that my old odi ruffian grips, but a funk sight more comfy. They wash up well too. Get some you won’t regret it…

  6. wheelermook

    Got the Racers Edge ones and yes they are comfy as and stay put on the handlebars, comfiest grips I’ve had. As for the claim that seem grippier in the wet!? Not buying that – ‘slippery when wet’ would be a good description. Longevity – don’t count on it – they wont wear down but mine have gashes and holes just from general use, had 6 months use and they are just hanging in there, due to this they’re also a bit steep at £16. My 2 cents. If they were £8 a pop I wouldn’t use anything else – mixed emotions really.

  7. usarocks

    i was a weight weenie and competed in some xc races so i opted for foam grips but the one i bought before these grips were just that…foam–really sh*tty foam grips; it’s like using those air-filled packing foam for grips. as soon as i put my hands on the old foam grips it compressed to a paper-thin size. then i found out about these grips and when i used it for the first time, i was all in. i’ve been using the chuncky esi grips for 2yrs now, riding 3x/wk and the only wear i have on it are on the outer edge where it’s now thinner and just really worn out. these grips are so comfie, durable and it does grip even when wet (not sure about “better when wet” but it still grips when wet.) i almost always never use gloves and i do ride even when it’s raining so i can definitely attest that it still provides a good grip when wet. i never had, not once, any issues about my grip slipping. there’s also no need to use some sort of sticky substance to make it stay on the bars. the silicone material does the job right. just put some water around the bar and/or the inside of the grip to install it and when it dries up, it stays there.


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