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2012 Dirt 100: Easton Havoc Carbon Bars

2012 Dirt 100: Easton Havoc Carbon Bars

Billy Thackray Billy Thackray

If there’s one name that we’ve truly grown to trust when it comes to carbon bars it has to be Easton, and these gravity/ downhill Havoc bars are the strongest they’ve ever produced.

We wouldn’t be surprised if they’re actually the strongest bars full stop, carbon or aluminium, and despite their incredible strength and a full 750mm width these weigh in at just 235g. That’s a substantial amount less than even the lightest aluminium offerings, and we know what we’d trust more.

The shape of these is great too, and aside from the weight saving on offer we also really like that extra bit of ‘give’ that you get compared with an aluminium bar. They might not be cheap, but we reckon if you have the extra cash then these are definitely worthy of it.

Price: £119.99
Extra 01933 672 170

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  1. Nutty Dave

    Nice bars and easton do make some great products, but at that price I shall keep my Renthal fatbars at half the cost.

  2. Tepid

    …..and double the weight.

  3. Hancock

    @Nutty Dave, does Renthal stuff come with a lifetime warranty though?

    Last summer I lunched a set of old CNTs with the help of Stainburn’s rocks. Easton sent me a set of these, just like that!

    Needless to say, Easton customer for life now.

  4. Chris

    a friend of mine is running them and although he had several crashes by now there are still no problems. Didn’t get an chance to ride them on a track yet, but cruised around the parking lot doing a couple bunnyhops and they feel really stiff and just…good somehow. I’m a really tall guy so wide bars really made my life easier, and as soon as the new 800mm version shows up I’ll be getting these for sure!


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