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2012 Dirt 100: DT Swiss EXC 1550

2012 Dirt 100: DT Swiss EXC 1550

Billy Thackray Billy Thackray

Money might not be able to buy you happiness, but it can certainly buy you an incredible set of wheels.

At just 1550g for the pair these are lighter than a pair of Crossmax ST’s, yet their strength is easily comparable to that of the SX’s. Part of that amazingly low weight comes from DT’s excellent hubs which are available in all the major axle sizes, but it is of course the carbon rims that really make the difference.

We’ve got to admit that when we first heard about making rims from carbon we thought it was a stupid idea, but since then we’ve subjected a pair of these to a phenomenal amount of abuse and they’re yet to show even the slightest hint of a wobble. If we had the money (sadly we don’t) we’d all be running a set of these as the difference that they can make to a bike is astonishing. A special set of wheels if ever there were any.

Price: £1799.98

  1. churchie

    Utterly ridiculous price, is their performance really worth the extra £1100 over a pair of already overpriced crossmax sx? I seriously doubt it…

  2. JT

    SX tubeless, EXC 1550 non-tubeless – 100g advantage negated

    The nipples rip out of the EXC 1550s to boot

  3. rob

    They make cos they know people will buy em.
    If people buy em, they aint too expensive.

    Just remember it all trickles down eventually. We could all be riding 3-400 quid crabon wheelsets in 5 years because of these types of products.

  4. Eoin

    To be honest I’m kinda over the whole “trickles down” argument, considering slx/x7 level full build bikes easily cost 2k-3k. Sure bikes are better than they used to be, but so bloody overpriced even at the low to mid level builds… The tech gets better, but the prices dont go down…

  5. WAKi

    Eoin – Agreed, totaly. But there is an upside to products getting more expensive – people will respect more what they buy, they will repair more instead of buying new stuff. It makes it harder for the new people to come to the sport? I have enough of bloody amateurs ruining my local trails already, all I miss is a bunch of rich wankers on el-MTBs really. There’s not enough coaching to teach people how to behave in the woods. I like the “Prices going up” trend as long as quality goes with it. MTB after all is a luxury sport – such expensive products are welcome, even though they are useless to a potential buyer – U have so much money to spend on wheels? U probably suck as a rider, u spend too much time making money

  6. ST

    Not that I am a fan of the big S but: “Innovate or Die” is mantra all manufacturers (indeed businesses) need to live by. The tickle down effect is valid and we will see high end product technology filter down to lower spec products over time. Prices are high now because like WAKi said, its a luxury sport and demand is falling because of global economic factors. In 2004 everyone was ‘in the money’ globally, I bought the latest DH sled out for $4000, in 2011 I bought a carbon AM frame set for the same amount. Not much point complaining, I thought both were good deals.

  7. john

    Waki having expensive stuff doesn’t make you respect it more. The last thing your worried about when your sending it down a nice flowy trail and the like is if your going to bend your 600pound wheels or smash off your 200pound rear mech! You just try and go faster and faster until you end up getting over excited and crash haha.


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