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2012 Dirt 100: DRC X-Monitor

2012 Dirt 100: DRC X-Monitor

Billy Thackray Billy Thackray

We’ve been crying out for a decent and affordable timing system for ages, but now we’ve finally found one and here it is.

Most importantly it’s incredibly simple to use, pretty much foolproof, and the large screen means that it’s easy to read times and double check that you’ve started it (if you haven’t heard the beep). The separate start/stop button can be placed wherever works best for you and it’s generously sized so it’s hard to miss.

Even the bike mount, which replaces your headset top cap, is really neat, and although this system is never going to be as accurate as a full blown race timing system we still think it’s a great tool for both helping to increase your own speed, and for knowing what bike setup really is faster.

Price: £29.99 (Bracket £9.99)

  1. Mark

    I got one a while back, really good and easy to use, but unless you are have a old school flat stem the stem mount is useless. I ended up making my own mount using velco

  2. Big Al

    Strava does not far off the same thing and is free!

  3. Anoobis

    Errr Big Al, there is a huge difference. This one accurately times, strava is a general indication at best.

  4. Ed

    yeah ‘not far off’ isn’t much good if you’re trying to accurately time a DH run. Strava is nowhere near good enough for that in terms of accuracy.

  5. Doc Wat

    I bought one of these and was disappointed with its quality. It got rained on a little (kind of unavoidable in the North West) and the display has packed up. Not impressed. Nice idea in principle though.


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