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2012 Dirt 100: DMR Vault

2012 Dirt 100: DMR Vault

Billy Thackray Billy Thackray

With their classic V12’s DMR once had almost cult–like status when it came to flat pedals, and after several years of letting others take over the mantle it’s great to see them back to the top of the game with these Vaults.

The huge 115x115mm platform offers all the space you’ll ever need and despite being only 17mm thick it still features a proper concave shape along with some quality bearings. They also weigh in at a highly competitive 402g, and that’s without the optional Ti axle upgrade which shaves off another 70g. Even though they’re so light for such a big pedal they’ve proved to be more than capable of taking on rocks.

We also really like the unique ‘FlipPin’ pins which you can fit to be either short or long, and even when you go for short there’s still plenty of grip to be had. A great return to form.
Price: £89.99
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  1. Das Bear Juden

    These do look nice, a few reviews of folks splitting them tho? I went for a pair of superstar nano techs in the end , arrived yday, 1st impression is that the nano techs and the DMR vaults share the same axles, is this correct? although the vaults finish looks superior and they are wider too. but then there are more than 2x the price of nano techs!

  2. TimBud

    Just replaced my old Straitlines with theses.
    Amazed by the grip even over the old V12s.
    Can’t comment on durability yet but they’ve sustained a few hits already that would have ripped and bent pins on the v12. Don’t think they’ll be as strong as my Strailines but then they’re nowhere near as heavy and won’t require serving every 5 mins.
    Love them…. So far.

  3. splodge

    I’ve been rocking some for over a year now, they’ve definately seen some abuse but still no play at all, i’ve only had to repalce 3-4 pins that have dissappered on rides, all the anodising of the pins and the logo in the middle came off after about 3 outings i think, but I’m nae too fussed about that… all in all, awesome pedal…

  4. Bert

    They are perfect in every way apart from their durability. Knocking them on the ground (which will happe at some point) has resulted in bent cages on both my pedals. If they were half the price I could almost live with that…..

  5. savdog

    loads of grip , made from cheese !!

  6. Machete

    grippiest pedals ever with a massive platform i can’t use anything else. not sure about peoples durability issues, i’ve totally beasted mine on some seriously rocky tracks and they’re still perfect.
    over priced though but what isn’t?

  7. TimBud

    Thrashed mine for a week in the alps. More than a few strikes and no ‘cheese’ issues.
    Was real surprised I didn’t even loose any pins.


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