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2012 Dirt 100: Continental Mountain King II 2.2 Protection

2012 Dirt 100: Continental Mountain King II 2.2 Protection

Billy Thackray Billy Thackray

It’s a brave name to call a tyre, but Continental have done it justice on this second (and radically different from the first) attempt.

It is as close as we’ve ever found to the perfect all–round trail tyre. With the ProTection casing they’ve got the balance of weight and protection/support spot on, and a similar thing can be said about the amazing Black Chili compound. For a compound that grips so well it rolls and lasts far better than you’d ever expect. Continental really are onto something with this stuff.

The tread itself also strikes a fine blend of speed and grip, and it’s really only when things get really gloopy that it starts to feel out of its depth. If ever there was a Swiss Army knife of tyres this has to be it, and we rarely feel the need for the bigger 2.4” version.

Price: £49.95

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  1. sax

    Black Chilli Conti tires are awesome and reliable! The cheap Conti tires are crap, don’t buy them! Kaiser and Rubber Queen are my favorite tires and i think they can easily compete with Maxxis.

  2. CC

    Have to say i was disappointed with th PROTECTION casing. Expected it to be extremely durable. My sidewalls developed vertical tears in 3-4 weeks. Not 1 tear but like 5.

    The tread held up well….loved the tires peformance overall. Durability was not what i expected.

  3. panzer8


  4. B-Roadie

    The RRP on the Protection tyres is £46.95.

    There are a lot of foreign mags that use actual lab data to compare rolling resistance, wear rate and puncture protection including sidewall strength. The Protection tyres perform very well in these test compared to toerh brands. CC, I’m afraid it sounds like you have been very un lucky.

  5. CC

    B-Roadie, i was so excited to try these tires. Thought i found my “go to” tire. Maybe the tears were do to the sort of rocks here, i dont know. All i know is i ended up returning 3 brand new tires i had stocked up on. Was so excited about these Conti tires.

  6. Down n Dirty

    Look at the Price


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