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2012 Dirt 100: Chris King Hubs

2012 Dirt 100: Chris King Hubs

Billy Thackray Billy Thackray

There are a few things that everyone here wants on their bike, and a pair of Chris King hubs are right up there at the top of that list.

Some of their appeal is difficult to put into words, but even from a pure performance standpoint they’re second to none. They last for years without so much as even a bearing change, they’re light as a feather, and most importantly they contain the unique RingDrive freehub design.

On the surface you can appreciate this for its near instant pick up and legendary sound, but delve inside and you’ll discover that the design means that the more pressure you put through the pedals, the more solid the engagement becomes.

Basically, whilst other beautiful things may let you down in life, a set of King hubs never will, and whilst they might look mega expensive at first you could actually build up a set of these for less than many wheelsets.

Price: Front £176.11 – £182.95, Rear £360.79 – £391.59
Evolution Imports 02082 900 807

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  1. Philby

    I have these hubs. No matter how good someone says these are, they are better! Buy them and never need to buy hubs again.

  2. Leon

    shit a brick , potentially nearly 600 quid just for hubs !

  3. 4xlego

    thinking of getting a hubs but I think might just buy that dj bike I’ve wanted seriously 600 quid !

  4. Sulley

    I know what i’m getting if i win the lotto….. :)

  5. Joe

    £300 built into a pair of EX721s off ebay? Have that!

  6. chavez

    They are the shizz.

  7. CQP

    “whilst other beautiful things may let you down in life, a set of King hubs never will”. Actually, my rear one let me down three times. Once when the axle broke, once when the hub shell cracked and then again when I took it out of my trials bike and built it into my cross country bike where the free wheel couldn’t spin fast enough in the smaller cogs no matter what special lube I put in there. After this I cut my losses and swapped the rear hub for an old pair of hope bulbs and have never looked back. The hope rear hub is bomb proof, simple to take apart and nothing ever goes wrong.

    King rear hubs are really popular in trials due to the engagement. I’m not sure how many other people break them – I’m 60kgs and don’t have the balls to go very big, so it shouldn’t have broken like it did.

    Very expensive hub that isn’t all it is cracked up to be. Spend the money on something worthwhile.

  8. adam

    Until my pro2’s show any signs of weakness id never consider a set of chris kings, that and the sound would drive me mad.


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