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2012 Dirt 100: Canyon Torque FRX 9.0

2012 Dirt 100: Canyon Torque FRX 9.0

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Some of you probably think that we use the terms ‘bargain’ and ‘value for money’ a bit loosely here at Dirt, but this Canyon truly deserves those descriptions. We’ve even had to recheck the prices just to make sure that we hadn’t got it wrong.

Of course many people have proven that you can make a cheap bike, but to make one of this quality for such a low price is unheard of. Regardless of price it is hard to find any faults with it whatsoever.The only slight thing is that the back end is towards the shorter end of the scale, but to be honest that really only becomes noticeable on the largest size and no doubt some riders will prefer it like that anyway.

For a bike that sells for less than half the price of some bikes here it’s insane that it actually comes with easily one of the most expensive spec’s here. You’d struggle to throw any more money at it if you tried. Even the bargain frame comes complete with a Cane Creek Double Barrel and headset. Bonkers I tell you.

Price: Frame £1309.00, Complete £3219.00

Canyon UK 02085 012 582


  1. Leon

    Bargain and value for money are two different things to me , looking at this I woulds say it’s great value for money if it rides as well as it looks and is specced 😛

  2. VonDH

    Fuck me. have to agree Dirt that is one nice bike for that price.
    Canyon you have top marks for producing a damn nice bike with a good spec. this is the link for spec http://www.canyon.com/_en/mountainbikes/bike.html?b=2581.

    Im going to mention another company putting out a decent bike,and the reason im mentioning them is because i had a very low budget and the bike tick all the boxes for the type of bike i wanted GT Fury 2.a bike that left me with a good base to work from.

    Are companys realising at last that these are hard times for all.(a few maybe).

    Hats off to Canyon

  3. gav

    Dirt… please can you do a test review sometime soon?

  4. Optimus Doddsy

    Even if your not a big fan of the frame, it would probably still work out cheaper buying the bike and a an after market frame of your choice than paying out for a complete bike from other brands. amazing value.glad the issue with cost is starting to get addressed finally.

  5. Paul Bettany no. 1 Fan

    definately want to see a proper test review of one of these, a mate had the older one (silver frame) but he had the wierdest suspension Ive ever rode so I couldnt say if it was actually a good bike or not

  6. spoiler

    ………..nothing to complain about here

  7. Simon

    I had the canyon torque frx from 2010, nothing to complain about. Was pretty good for the money but now i changed to an M9 with the parts from the canyon bike.

  8. bingo

    if i buy a DH bike this year this will be it. i work in a shop but nothing i can get comes close to the spec of this even with staff discount

  9. cool hand luke

    see this is more like it, simple clean lines and a good price, never mind the £2500 empire frame

  10. rick

    Buy that bike, keep the parts, melt the frame and make a grill out of it, buy another frame and you’ve got a banger bike and a grill!

  11. Industry

    Pretty sure Dirt Mag and any proper industry affiliates should boycott brands that sell direct. Many reasons why direct doesn’t work so I won’t go into it.

  12. fig rollz

    the first bike from the dirt 100 to not incite price hatred. if canyon can build bikes like this and sell them for that price then everyone can. shame on everyone!

  13. dirt dodger

    col hand luke took the words from my keyboard. Canyon make what looks like a very attractive bike, amazing spec and sell the full build for a few hundred quid more than the Empire………somebody is getting it right and somebody wrong – answers on a very small postcard please and send to the moon. If I was looking for a bike to replace my 224 I would have to think very hard about reasons not to try this !

  14. skiddy pants

    C’mon Dirt, get one of these reviewed! Or would your advertisers not like it?


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