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2012 Dirt 100: Cane Creek AngleSet

2012 Dirt 100: Cane Creek AngleSet

Billy Thackray Billy Thackray

In the short time that it has been around the AngleSet has already managed to become one of those products that we couldn’t live without.

With its ability to slacken, or steepen a head angle by up to 1.5º it has taken tailoring a bike to your specific tastes to a whole new level. Whilst some riders might be perfectly happy with the way a bike rides out of the box, others won’t be and that’s where this product can really make a difference. It’s not just about tweaking a new bike to ride the way you want though as an AngleSet can often breathe a new lease of life into an older bike with an outdated head angle.

With it now being available in a whole load of different sizes the vast majority of frame and fork combinations are catered for, and of course that genius gimble design means it’ll work regardless of the length of head tube. High quality construction and bearings just add to the appeal of this product.

Price: £199.99
Extra 01933 672 170

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  1. JBee

    I have nothing good to say about the AngleSet. Had in warrantied twice, installed by my LBS, twice, and it still creaked and cracked when riding.

  2. LemonadeMoney

    Works Components works for me, a third of the cost of the Angleset, and made in the UK.

  3. greg

    Agreed Works components all the way! got 2 both faultless, fraction of the price and good old british engineering

  4. HBB Lied, again

    Been running the Angelset without fault for over a year. I have had no issues with it. As long as the installation is clean and proper to spec, it works perfect. A buddy of mine has had similar good experience. Cane Creek had the idea and vision to change the game. A Genius contribution.

  5. Leon

    No doubt a very good product but really 200 quid for a head set ?

  6. Intesify

    I wouldn’t wish one of these on my worst enemy. It came standard in my new Intense M9 and I had nothing but trouble with it. Worked on by experienced mechanic and pretty much all the parts were replaced and it still didn’t work – the bottom bearing would actually unseat from the crown race on hard hits. Absolute junk and definitely the most over-hyped product of 2011.

  7. Machete

    came fitted to my trek session (but with a zero offset bottom cup so completely unadjustable) and it’s like riding with a brass door knocker on the front of the bike. what a racket.

  8. BigMan

    We’ve had lots of problems with these at our store. Worth looking elsewhere for your slack fix.

  9. Swarles Barcley

    Cane Creek AngleSet has not place in Dirt Top 100. Dirt Magazine should know better about all the issues with gimbal-type angle adjustement headsets!


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