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2012 Dirt 100: BOS Stoy

2012 Dirt 100: BOS Stoy

Billy Thackray Billy Thackray

Much like the Double Barrel, or any good suspension for that matter, the success of the Stoy lies in its ability to control suspension. It never gets phased, it just lets you get on with riding at full tilt whilst it goes about its business almost unnoticed.

With high and low speed compression adjustment and rebound there is plenty of room for tweaking, and once again like the Double Barrel this shock has the uncanny ability to flatter suspension designs. BOS have recently released a new even higher spec RaRe version of this shock (which we are yet to test), but to be honest it’s hard to imagine where it can add anything, especially when the RaRe version of the Idylle fork offers little more for a lot more money.

We wouldn’t be surprised if it’s the same scenario again here. If you’ve got a BOS fork up front then this is definitely the shock to go for purely for balance reasons, but even if you don’t it’s a tough call between this and the Double Barrel.

Price: £540.00

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  1. paul goodman

    running a stoy rare absolutly love it has given me more confidence and ability keeps the bike planted when it need to be and soaks up everything i throw at it whent for the stoy rare because of the hydrolic bump stop feature as im quite large



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