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2012 Dirt 100: BOS Deville

2012 Dirt 100: BOS Deville

Billy Thackray Billy Thackray

There’s no two ways about it, this is one special fork. Its greatest quality is undoubtedly its ability to hold its shape and not ever use more travel than is absolutely necessary. It’ll keep something in reserve when others will use everything up. That might make you think that these forks give you a bit of a beating, but they don’t, BOS have just got the balance right. The consequence of this performance is that they’re without doubt the fastest trail forks out there, and the drop in price simply makes the decision to go for them even easier.

There are now a few different models too with a choice of 140, 160 or 170mm travel, 1 1/8” or tapered steerer, and you can get them with or without the TRC switch (a form of lockout).
With the latter choice we’d always go without. The standard forks are just so composed that we’ve never felt the need for it and it just adds more weight and cost.

Price: £835.00
R53 Engineering 07785 292 082

  1. fordy

    like no other suspension ive ever ridden these are on a totally different level and they dont even cost more, buy em.

  2. cooke

    yep my mate has the stoy shock and it feels amazing there is no other word for it

    belive the hype bos makes arguably the best bounce out there

  3. dirtmonsta

    I own the Devilles and have them on my Orange Alpine 160. They are amazing and I can’t recommend them enough. I had Fox 2010 36 Van RC2 FIT forks before. The Devilles are in a different league. Simply awesome. Can’t understand why you’d buy anything else.

  4. Anoobis

    Ahhh thank god. Have these on order, have been ummming and arrring about whether it was a good idea getting them and thought the three comments would be slagging them off. I’m now most happy with purchase to be.

  5. bingo

    BOS stuff is incredible. the only reason to not buy it is that when you have a problem you will have to deal with R53. i’d rather ride a fox and have the backup from mojo

  6. r_mac

    any 1 selling a set from last year or anything?

  7. Mog_Y

    Nothing better than taking your BOS forks and shock down to your LBS for a service and they get lost in the mail!! And not hear from the LBS for 2 weeks!!!

  8. fordy

    get j tech to service them, good value and quick and bear in mind they dont require weekly service intervals like fox.

  9. Dirtmonsta

    Recommended servicing is once a year if you use them loads. Once every two years for light to moderate use.

  10. dirt dodger

    ford how did i know you would be on here lovin them up, but Fox don’t require weekly servicing mate, come on now stop giving it Bos up the rear :-)

  11. GGR

    Rumour has it that R53 have gone under/closed. Rumour also has it that he was a serious pain in the A to deal with anyway, so perhaps it was for the best. My Stoy was amazingly plush, but I’ve yet to feel a decent pair of BOS forks..

  12. john

    Yeah my mate got rid of his because the customer service was so bad.

  13. ian

    all you naysayers slating r53,,,, in my experiance they have been amazing, had to return my devilles as they came from the factory with no oil in the airside leg, they had them stripped and rebuilt and returned to me within a day, and even sent follow up emails asking how the forks were performing, they are always quick to respond to my emails, and have been more than helpful with all my questions.
    i cant fault them, and highly recomend them.

  14. R53 sport

    Bingo, GGR and John. Obviously looks like that you have had an issue with us. We always try to give a good service to our customers but we might have not done enough for you guys. Please email us to info@r53sport.com so we can address any issue you have had. Regarding the “rumour” of R53 going under we would be very interested to know the source as the reality is far from it. We have recently expanded a lot our bike division and we also have a dedicated website for it http://www.r53sport.com, with new products and brands.
    R53 sport (BOS, Labyrinth, Massi)

  15. dan

    These or Marzocchi 55 rc3 evo ti?

  16. dan

    i have a CCDB on the back if that makes any odds

  17. Deon

    dan -depends on how you ride IMO.

    The Devilles sit slightly higher in their travel, giving you the feeling of a bigger travel fork. They are stiff and plush, though the Marzocchi is (apparently) more sensitive to the small bumps.

    I chose the BOS and couldnt be happier.


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