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2012 Dirt 100: Bontrager XR Mud

2012 Dirt 100: Bontrager XR Mud

Billy Thackray Billy Thackray

Whilst these tyres might have the word ‘mud’ in their name we think they’re actually a far better 50/50 trail tyre than they are a specific mud tyre.

If it’s really shitty they lose out to the Trailraker for out and out grip, but they’ll still cut through the brown stuff far better than a regular trail tyre, and unlike the Trailraker they’ll grip on other surfaces too. They’ll also carry speed even when the ground is rock hard. If we had to stick to one set of tyres for UK trail use then a set like this would probably be the ones. They might not excel in any specific conditions, but they do excel in mixed conditions and that’s what we normally seem to be faced with.

Price: £32.99
Trek UK 01908 282 626

  1. fordy

    great tyres but to skinny/low volume, id use these 9 months of the yr if they did somthing that could live with being on a 160/160 bike.

  2. one_T

    ace tyre for a 150mm or less, not bad in the (dry)Winter, but now it’s Summer and wet as fook I’m absolutely lovin em!

  3. Duncan

    These lived on my Five all winter, the early summer lured me into taking them off but its safe to say they’re back on now keeping the bike as planted as ever! Best mud tire I’ve used.

  4. Abe

    “great tyres but to skinny/low volume”

    That’s because they’re a mud tyre – they are narrow to cut through the mud in order to reach anything solid beneath it. I’m running one on the front at the moment and it’s a really good tyre, loads of grip on the front, relatively light and rolls quick enough too. Not sure about it as a general trail tyre, it is a mud tyre really.

  5. fordy

    maxxis do swamp things in 2.35 and 2.5, i do grasp the narrow mud tyre concept but there is only so nuch stick you can give a skinny tyre. if they made a tyre the same size as a 2.35 swamp thing id be all over it, i rode these tyres for 2yrs and know how good they are but also know there limitations.


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