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World Champs Practice Gallery

World Champs Practice Gallery

Laurence CE has done it again and smashed out some banging photos from the first day of practice in PMB. Dry roosting seems to be the order of the day and the track is no doubt getting a beating with each tyre that smashes down the track.

  1. LT

    Nice pics, but good grief those captions are an abomination. Grammar an typos all over the shop.

    1. Willy W

      Totally agree! Terrible content, Junior timed results all wrong, grammar and spelling terrible! Some sick pics though

  2. Byron

    The guy running the 51 plate is Theo Ngubane, who is the first black member of the South African team. He is from Kayamandi township, outside Stellenbosch. He has just turned 18 and at the 2011 PMB didn’t think it was possible for him to race at that level. Then Christoph Sauser helped him get a DH bike and now he is racing the World Championships. Pretty awesome stuff. A slight question, who wrote the captions for the photos? Was it Yoda! And less out of focus objects in the foreground of photos would greatly improve their impact.

  3. Chris Danson

    Fantastic pics, but couldn’t you have taken the time to proofread the captions to correct the many, many errors?

  4. David Jaquin

    Captions have been updated guys!

    1. Packer

      Good stuff, thanks

  5. nozes

    “Worlds is a great opportunity for countries with not so many factory riders to show their speed.”
    Never thought one day this would be written about USA! Somebody is doing this very wrong in the place that invented the sport.


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