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Victor's World Champs Friday Practice Gallery

Victor's World Champs Friday Practice Gallery

Billy Thackray Billy Thackray

Photos: Victor Lucas

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  1. Dominic Simmons

    Mystery Rider, Tahnee Seagrave?

  2. stetom13

    myriam nicole mystery rider

  3. hilli

    mystery rider: andrew neethling ? looks like a giant for me, gear is also matching i think

  4. Paul Smyth

    Mystery rider, Danny hart ?

  5. Paul Smyth

    Nope he’s injured my bad

  6. luke

    andrew neethling

  7. Pepe

    Andrew Neethling all the way

  8. sam r

    mystery rider : looks like Luke Ellison from The Aussie Junior team

  9. beth

    mystery rider michael jones?


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