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Victor's Val d'Isere World Cup practice day gallery

Victor's Val d'Isere World Cup practice day gallery

Billy Thackray Billy Thackray

Well it certainly has been an exciting first day here in Val d’Isere…I don’t think I’ve been shouted at by so many people in one day ever before. I felt like a stray dog that had wandered into the chicken coop. Lets just say the course marshalls had a nasty surprise for us all with some unusual rules to enforce and by golly they were determined to do it…there was no such thing as how or why, just ‘Non! Not Possible!’ But we battle on to bring you the shots, even if we can’t show the middle part of the track at all.

A peace agreement has been discussed and hopefully tomorrow will be a little easier!

Photos:Victor Lucas

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  1. Johan

    Sams not running a Leatt? Maybe this will actually be his race, if he is committed enough to drop the Leatt.

  2. Daire

    Nice pics Victor, why are they not allowing pics of the middle section though?

  3. CC

    Love how Victor just let’s people talk.

  4. Phil

    Love how when you get to the last photo the little counter in the top right says ’10/10′.

    Ten on ten indeed, Mr. Lucas.

  5. Big Bird

    I thought that America was the land of the Safety Police.

  6. Foon

    @Johan > I reckon you cannot wear a Leatt brace with a torso/back protection (it’s either one of them, due to the way Leatt braces are designed). And given wearing a back protection is mandatory for racing in France, this may well be the reason.


    There are several Leatte compatible body protectors including Leatte’s own version.


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