Victor and Seb's 2012 Pietermaritzburg photo gallery: Day 1

Billy Thackray Billy Thackray

For the 2012 World Cup season we’re proud to tell you that we have not one but two superstar photographers onboard. Sebastian Schieck joins Victor Lucas to bring you 20 amazing World Cup images.

  1. 123456

    Can we get these a bit bigger next time around? Seems silly to make them so small… you’ve got 936 pixels of width to play with, let’s use them!

  2. Big_Tim

    Woah – that carbon Yeti looks amazing. Looks like Darth Vaders bike! Although, I think it will be faster with wheels and forks.

  3. billy

    Ah, sorry guys, gremlins in the works…the photos should all be 1000px wide! We’re trying to fix it now!

  4. billy

    We have an all singing all dancing new gallery system in the pipe, but she’s not quite ready yet:(


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