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Victor's Val di Sole World Cup gallery day #2

Victor's Val di Sole World Cup gallery day #2

Billy Thackray Billy Thackray

Photos: Victor Lucas

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  1. grant

    Gee having a whinge as usual… no surprises there.

  2. Scrub

    Nice shoes……..

  3. Leon

    Listening to Gee is like that Harry Enfield sketch with ‘ kevin ‘ the teenager

  4. Andy V

    GUTTED for Cedric!!!

  5. colin

    what have i not got the latest version of to see the slideshows from seb and victor?

  6. scotto

    Ha! The spirit of Uncle Fab lives on in Spagnolo. Amazing

  7. craig

    gee sounds well pisd off at the moment, never known him so under confident

  8. Joe

    Nothing wrong with what Gee said at all!?? Just saying its not a track that suits him, I thought it was pretty casual and humble. You gotta need a lot of respect for that track!

  9. billy

    Colin, I don’t know. What browser are you using at the moment?

  10. Brad

    Check Josh’s shoes out.
    They look like fox shoes based on 5/10’s.
    Prototypes ?

  11. tally ho

    What helmet are all the Fox guys running? New V3R? We need info Dirt!

  12. Max R

    spagnolo ‘challenging!’ haha

  13. Sam

    Looks like Fox’s version of the D3, pretty sure it ain’t the V3. Ratboy’s shoes looking pretty sik, finger’s crossed they ain’t just resoled casual Foxies. Good set of pics and audio Mr Lucas, stokage is gaining for raceday!

  14. Sam

Next up in Downhill

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