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Who got snow?

Who got snow?

Billy Thackray Billy Thackray

UPDATE: We got more snow now…

Mother nature has delivered us a few flakes of the white stuff so I thought it’d be good to get a gallery of snowy photos up from around the country/world.

You got snow? Send your white fluffy photos to Billy


4X action in the snow


Hot XC Lycra… Safety First! haha

Joost Wichman doing some winter training in the Netherlands..
Photos: fianke.com

Snow Day >>

Daniel Irons with a short film that he made on the Black Canon Collective trails in Wiltshire over the weekend.


Martijn Verhoog : “After a morning of winter digging we had quite a nice trail here in the Netherlands. The next weekend we had to test it with some snow. It turned out quite challenging as you can see.
First run, all went well.Second run, pushed a little too hard!”


One tube of “Snow Magic” can do all this…amazing stuff!


Greg Wylie: “Got my Isuzu Trooper stuck whilst out snowboarding on Dartmoor. We’ve had a couple of feet in places, went out on the bike and it was a right twat so took the board out instead. Had to leave the car overnight so gonna head back up today with a mate a dig the fucker out.”

More Mountain Biking Videos

Greg Turner: “This was on Friday in the Surrey Hills before all the snow on Saturday. It’s me riding but my mate Adam did all the video editing and the ‘cinematography’. For an engineering graduate working in the financial services industry, he’s way too creative!”


Conrad Taylor: “The snow came down on Friday night so the next morning the old man and I hit
the trails in icy Mid Wales.”


Andy Mortimer: “I know there’s no biking action, but it was a bit out of the question with around 18″ of snow up Glen Fruin. Did some snowboarding instead.”


Gareth: “Some photos of riding in Stoke woods Exeter….yep Exeter! I was the first person to ride the track and saw no one else the whole day, awesome. It was about 1.5ft – 2ft deep. Loads of grip in the fresh snow, but hard work to get any speed! The picture of my bike….its only held up by the snow….honestly!”


Greg Gilfillan: “Just some photo’s of mine and my mate Andrew’s bikes after a cold day at the local spot called Braefoot. This was taken on the way home just after I got loose on a sheet of ice which I thought looked “fun” but it resulted in a big lump on my knee. It was taken when the snow was starting to thaw out.”

More Mountain Biking Videos

Mojo Suspension owner Chris Porter gets SLIDEWAYS. Tom Wheeler says: “Its always a good day when you get to film your boss getting loose on his bicycle.”


Pete Hughes: “Some fun riding to be had in loose powder! Here’s some pictures from Sunday.
And an early Merry Christmas!”


Hannes Brandlein in Schweinfurt,Germany: “The picture shows me riding a borrowed Third Element Espire E-bike. what fun!”


Jack Beckerson: “Here’s a snowy pic from a weekend ride. South of Guildford, me and my brother won’t let the snow get us off the hills!”


It was so cold at DirtHQ this morning that my van went back in time, then it snowed and we all got told to go home before we became trapped…still needed a tow though-Billy.




Dominic John “some pictures from small pumptrack sesh in the snow yesterday with John Lee and some friends from uni”

Snow pumptrack session… >>

Short messing around video from riding at a local pumptrack yesterday, but in the snow.

Shot on a Canon 7D with 50mm prime lens.



Micky: “Here’s one from my local track near Southampton,hope you like!!”


Stunning shot from Ian Linton on a ride at Innerleithen on Sunday, Ian says you can’t get up there now as another foot of snow has fallen.


Chris Weir from Cumbria says: “Here’s a shot of my mate Adam Nolan riding in Borrowdale on Sunday, and a nice snowy scene nearing the top of Skiddaw on Saturday. It was howling an Artic gale up at the summit, but the views were unreal for England.”


Alexander Kennedy and the gang just North of Glasgow on Saturday night.



Chistopher Gallagher from near Edinburgh who says the snow is about 2 foot deep.



Yvan Bordis in the Pyrénées.



44Racing 4x racer Jack Hudson training in the snow over at Chicksands Bike Park. Photo:Chris Ratford.


Mark Forrest and his mates had the honour of christening the virgin snow up at Golspie, this year they were the first at Innerleithen. Checkout Mark’s photo on Flickr.


Mike French from Plymouth “We were up on Dartmoor yesterday in the freeeezing cold…so cold our camelbacks froze solid”


David Hicks and the hardy souls from Glasgow Mountain Bike club.


Sami Korhonen, Turku, Finland: “…from a session week ago in Turku, since these shots, it has snowed a few more inches ”


I don’t often post pictures of me on the web, but this is the only photo anybody took from Friday nights local-mates-race night enduro series in the snow.

Rowan Sorrell organised this race (and won it). Round one, organised by Sam Jones (2nd in Ponty), was the Mon-Duro in Monmouth, this race,round two was in Pontypool so got the name Pon-Duro.

Three downhill timed runs and two massive climbs on a freezing cold night with snow and ice on the ground absolutely nailed me and I came last in just over two hours I think.

This photo was the finish of the last stage and I was so weak and cramped up I couldn’t move…bloody good fun though. Hope to get more photos from the next one.


Jonathan Wilson, Crieff, Scotland: “Here are some pictures of my On One 456 carbon in the snow, it was too deep to ride and its started snowing again!”


Jody Kidmose: “In early August, Mother Nature provided stellar snow conditions above 2000 metres from Arosa to Lenzerheide.”


Russ Martin: “Couple of shots of me in Mousehold Heath, Norwich,Norfolk on my Iron Horse (trigger) what hills we do have we make the most of.”

  1. forasphotography

    we got snow on dartmoor, but my god it was cold

  2. billy

    Send us a photo then

  3. sam oakes
  4. Colin

    It doesn’t snow here very often, but when it does, everyone gets excited.

  5. jonny

    we’ve got about a foot and a half in Crieff!!!

  6. Tom


    Video not picture, but fun times at ambergate on saturday!

  7. Miguel

    Big ups to all who ride, rain or shine! Btw pics are awesome

  8. Alex

    wish I rode out to princetown (dartmoor photo) now, looked ace

  9. bain

    went to glyncorrwg to rip it up on the whites level trail in the snow, absolutly amazing, just a lil nippy at -8.5 degrees …………

  10. Tom Laws

    We have a whole shed load more than this video shows. New line dug on saturday, ridden on solid ground on sunday.


  11. Fruity

    No snow yet here near Guildford. If it snows, I WILL be out on my bike in it 😀

  12. treehuggergraeme

    @Fruity – see you out riding in the Guildford snow when it arrives (hopefully).
    Technically these pictures shouldn’t count as these were taken February 2010, but they’re cool pics so i thought i’d share them

  13. gareth

    Has anyone been up to FoD this week so far? It’s snowed up in Worcester and well, As funny as the fact the 661 MiniDH organizer emailed everyone last night, stating that it’ll be 99% on, What’s it like??? With the Over cautious Health and safety “fun Police” forcing things into a corner, will the organizers have to cancel it????

  14. Jamie

    Gareth, I was at FOD on Saturday, there was a light dusting of snow but the trails were grippy and running fast. I bet it’s a completely different picture now though.

  15. Ali Todd

    I live in the FoD and am marshalling the race on Sunday – We have about half an inch (if that) of snow, although expecting a bit more tomorrow night. I’d be very surprised if the race was cancelled, as the track is mostly under cover and after a few runs, it’ll be clear. The worst thing will be the hardness of the ground if you fall.

  16. Ali Todd

    Oh – last word: just phoned Chris Roberts to check, and the race will be definite on Thursday night. He’ll be going to check the track, and let everyone know if it’s on or off, though he suspects on.

  17. billy

    Good reporting Ali

  18. jonathan

    dublin got 15inch`s last night and more to come

  19. Rob Stokes
  20. Shane

    Down South it’s cold, but no snow…

  21. Andy
  22. geetee

    Surrey Hills on Friday, before the big dump of snow on Saturday.


  23. centrifuge

    I heard a forecast for up to 4.5 meters of snow in the California mountains. Did anyone else hear this too?

    That’s 15 feet of snow or 457 cm of fluffy whiteness.

    I’d like to see pictures of it.

  24. big man


    rebuild our local trails after the place was felled. the inch or 2 of snow makes it interesting.
    better build pics to came

  25. buk-e

    Did someone actually post a photo of -6c to show how cold it was?? Global warming actually means it’s going to snow more and get colder in the UK because of the shifting gulf stream current in the Atlantic. Time to start learning how to drive/work/ride in the snow like we do in canada boys, put down your skirts and buy some mud tires ’cause it looks like you are only going to get more snow, and you may have to brave -6 again.

  26. billy

    @buk-e It was -6 in 1992, yesterday in 2010 was -666, the temperature of the beast, which was enough to freeze my skirt right off.

  27. Paddy

    Here is me and my mate Adam riding in -10.5 conditions in Cumbria. As the sun went down http://www.pinkbike.com/photo/5980017/
    This is one of me drifting from a few weeks back


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