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SNAP PHOTO STORIES - The samson bros.

SNAP PHOTO STORIES - The samson bros.


The Samson Brothers are clearly trend setting.

Blake and Ray Samson are two talented brothers and genuinely nice guys. Szymon Neiborak and the boys took on some pretty grim weather to shoot this spot on the Isle of Wight. Wellies were donned and the team hiked down some pretty hairy paths to get to the jumps. Blake doing his best MacGyver impression to make it in one piece and the results are here for you all to see. Cheers to Szymon Neiborak for these stories and expect more from him throughout winter.

  1. Nudist

    In the summer that beach is a nudist beach- no joke I’m from the island

  2. Nudist

    Also, that part of the island coast is bloody exposed and windy in the winter, and the soil is pure clay, it sticks to everything and is really heavy. The whole coast there is one huge land slip. They should build a track to the beach, it is a long drop from the carpark to the beach, got bags of potential


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