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Snap Photo Stories - Jimmy Pratt

Snap Photo Stories - Jimmy Pratt

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Jimmy Pratt knows style.

Szymon Nieborak is no stranger to the pages of Dirt Magazine but this little insight takes things further.

Jimmy Pratt has been around forever on the UK dirt jump scene and while he might not appear at contests he spends his time keeping one of the best sets of dirt jumps as secret as they are sculpted. Works of art in dirt, Jimmy knows how to build and takes riding his creations to a new level. Smooth, stylish flow is Jimmy’s signature and this Snap Photo Story takes you through Szymon’s experience shooting with Jimmy.

  1. chris.m

    I realised the other day that’s its been 11 years since I’ve ridden dirt jumps. It’s photo inspiration like this that makes me miss it. I was never a great dirt jumper, I’m pretty much like everything else I do, just good at it, but not great… I would have loved to have kept riding jumps and tried to be more than good at it.
    Good on Jimmy and any other person who keeps it going. Once you stop, it’s bloody hard to get back to it… especially when life and bills get in the way of that nice new (dirt jump) bike purchase. Riding my 29er just isn’t the same!.
    Oh, and those jumps look absolutely fantastic. Respect to those who took the time to build them.

  2. Nick Hamilton

    Brilliant Photos and the most amazing looking spot… I just wish I had anywhere near the talent to even look at them.


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