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Seb's Fort William WC Photo Gallery Day #1

Seb's Fort William WC Photo Gallery Day #1

Billy Thackray Billy Thackray

Photos: Sebastian Schieck.

  1. Eduardo Dávalos

    power meter…

  2. Steve

    Wheelbase on that Glory.. Such a beauty of a bike. <3

  3. Polygon-DHX

    honestly, i’ll be 3 pit stopping before i could reach finish line on this course Ft.William… watching helmet cam shaking means the track is brutal… FML!

  4. TimBud

    Love the new full screen on the gallery… so much easier to navigate. Nice one Dirt.

    Third shot looking up the mountain is brilliant.

  5. Leon

    Thanks TimBud , I didnt even notice the full screen option 😛

  6. Joe

    That Glory looks wicked in silver/black!

  7. david

    from that photo of DH’s bike its a 60 degree head angle WOW

  8. Renners

    Mike Rose or Adrian Edmondson?

  9. kaveen

    nice and beautiful bike

  10. dirt dodger

    WELL DONE GIANT TEAM – worthy cause !


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