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Run to the Hills Slideshows

Run to the Hills Slideshows


Big Mike Rose introducing the Teams.

Run to the Hills fuelled by XS Power Drink went down last week and although some of the teams weren’t exactly blessed with fine weather they all pulled out some amazing shots from their week on the road.

The teams gathered near the office for a Dirt style village hall shindig, hog roast and local beers were provided for everyone to enjoy as the slideshows were projected for all to see.

Amongst the teams, local riders and the Dirt staff there were a few MTB legends in the house too, Rachel Atherton and Tracey Moseley joined Manon Carpenter to watch the shows. Three World Champions all in the same room, only at a Dirt party!

So here are the shows, the Dirt Team will judge these with voting on the videos being down to you. The teasers will be dropping soon and then the full edits in a couple of weeks. Surely this calls for a cup of tea and a biscuit, go on, it’s Friday!

Team Dirt Norco – Ben Reid – Greg Callaghan – Jordan Scott – Glyn O’Brien

Photos – Ben Winder

Team Saracen – Manon Carpenter – Sam Dale – Matt Jones – Blake Samson

Photos – Laurence Crossman-Emms

Team Hotlines – Sam Pilgrim – Grant Fielder – Joe Smith – Al Bond

Photos – Andy Lloyd

Team DMR – Brendan Fairclough – Olly Wilkins – Sam Reynolds – Ray Samson

Photos – Jacob Gibbins

  1. welsh lad

    Thanks for wreking my local trail @saracen it was so worth it for your gash slideshow bring a shovel next time #dicks

  2. Wayne Dc

    Andy Lloyds Stonehenge and what looked like a old mine.
    shots Bangers

  3. Paul

    LCE looks like clay porter gt team launch

  4. Sarah

    Was getting bored and was going to do something else, but I watched them all and glad I did as the last one is the best (IMO) well done Jacob! :) Its the only one that looks like a group of buddies had fun on bikes!

  5. Will Sanders

    what happened to them?

  6. Alex

    Awesome to see 4 completely different sides to the same project. I love the DMR one for the fun of it, but the Saracen has some mind blowing images.

  7. cute rider

    Slide show of Saracen team has blown me alway! LCE marry me!

  8. Jack

    Bloody amazing photos from all of the teams, and each slideshow is so different. I feel sorry for the judges!


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