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Leogang World Cup Finals Gallery

Leogang World Cup Finals Gallery

The Syndicate cheering squad making the most noise in the crowd,

Ivan and Peaty sum up how we feel about these galleries.

Laurence has been with Dirt all season covering the World Cup race series. We have had some stunning shots from him and here is the last galley for this year. The World Cup Finals through the lens of Laurence Crossman-Emms.

  1. Francis Pecson

    very nice photos ! :)

  2. shutter2ride

    Great shots. #21 = money!

  3. Adrianm

    Mike Jones wearing lipstick? Photo no.11

    1. Northwest

      Lipstick for sure. Thought the same thing. Maybe that’s his secret to being fast.

  4. big b

    # 21 is stunning!

  5. Mez Eldridge-Tull

    The shot at the end of everything being packed down and Greg hobbling along on crutches… Shame its all over… And Greg… When did that happened and how? Training I take it? I missed this!!!

  6. Mtbjp

    Great pics but the skies are insanely abused. Chemtrail over kill.

  7. Bedders

    Yup, #21 does it for me, great photographic technique and subject. Brilliant work all season, thank you very much guys! 2014 can’t come soon enough!


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