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Leogang World Cup Finals 2013: Practice gallery

Leogang World Cup Finals 2013: Practice gallery

Laurence Crossman -Emms has come up trumps again with the second gallery from the World Cup finals. The track has seen a lot of rain and even more gravel, more riders down it will only erode it further and it could look very different come Sunday.

Timed practice didn’t happen today but a lot of riders were still on full race pace, different bikes, weird wheel size combos and some mixed weather. It’s going to be one hell of a weekend!

  1. Toby

    Local Swiss Armed Forces in austria????

    1. Willy W

      Yep you heard it on Dirt first, top class journalism…Switzerland invades Austria!!!

  2. G

    Great pics but he can write for toffee

  3. G

    The irony if making a mistake when noting others mistakes ‘can’t’

  4. Fdog

    26 inch wheels ftw, hopefully, please…..

  5. Fdog

    Cool little raw vid over on vital, remi root section a definate highlight.

  6. Mmafan

    Awesome photography. Thank you for sharing.


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