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Dirt World Cup Photo Gallery: Day Two - Fort William 2013

Dirt World Cup Photo Gallery: Day Two - Fort William 2013

Photos: Laurence Crossman-Emms

  1. benno

    DID LCE break the photographers picket line with these dirt photos?

  2. Wasthatit

    Gutted about Brayton..he was on my Fantasy team too. Get well soon Adam, you’ll be back kicking arse in no time!

  3. Oz

    Cheers to LCE for getting these photos to us. We’ve probably been spoilt in recent years but its Saturday already and we have had no pit interviews, banter, track walk, or video from practise.

    1. Ed

      Sorry about the delay in getting more coverage to you but everyone here is massively struggling with internet access, it seems to be worst than ever. Photos are hard enough, but videos are even harder. Hopefully the first DirtTV video is now live…oh, and things have kicked off a bit later than usual this year, practice only started yesterday!

      1. Oz

        Ah ok cheers for the update. It must not be easy editing footage and putting articles together on the road. What you guys are doing is much appreciated!

  4. Don

    Air shock on Bryceland V10?


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