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Hafjell World Cup Track Walk Gallery

Hafjell World Cup Track Walk Gallery

Laurence Crossman Emms is out in Hafjell taking in the track and catching up with riders including injured Taylor Vernon. Here’s his track walk gallery and check back tomorrow for practice.

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  1. Willy+W

    Heads up, audio button doesn’t work for me on any slide, when clicked on it brings you back to the original page you get before opening the gallery.


  2. David Jaquin

    Yep, Willy+W had a gremlin but got it sorted and updated now!

  3. robbonzo

    Hey, can you sort it so you can read the comments and listen to the audio when viewing on Iphone. It doesnt work…Ta

  4. ronin

    it will be an evil stachetember in norway.


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