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Fort William Bumper World Cup Bike Gallery 2012

Fort William Bumper World Cup Bike Gallery 2012

Billy Thackray Billy Thackray

Photos: Ed Haythorhthwaite and Ben Winder

  1. billy

    I’ll start adding the names of the top riders, but if you recognise someone, let me know who it is!

  2. Rob Booth

    great pics dude

  3. cake1dlx

    Why is Jack Reading standing with a Trek and not an Ellesworth?

  4. Fernando Pereira

    On the 10th photo is our very own Emanuel Pombo, one of the fastest riders in Portugal!

  5. grace

    27 made me laugh!!

  6. Big_Tim

    Who is the dude in photo 13? He is 2 foot taller than everyone else! (Or alternatively everyone else is far far away)

  7. mossy

    The 3 in pic 26 look like right amateurs. Call themselves a team, their kit doesn’t even match. Must be from some right shonkey outfit.


  8. Pedro

    Portuguese Francisco Pardal on the 9th pic!

  9. raaalph

    number 80 has a cracking mullet

  10. rick

    brendog running 59° HA?

  11. r mac

    raggot, hottest chick in dh

  12. Cord

    No 120 is a badass scrub!!!

  13. mutley

    this guy is a great brasilian rider, THIAGO VELARDI,we call him FEIO = UGLY

  14. Craig Howie

    Pic no36 is Rosie Smith, Only Scottish feamle to race?

  15. ronin

    so is Aaron’s bike the only one in the 450cc class?

  16. luke

    120 George Brannigan, sweet scrub bro.

  17. Bryn

    Number 101 is me! (Bryn Dickerson) from NZ, loving it.

  18. giacomo proserpio

    120 and 124 is Gianluca Vernassa, not Mr. George

  19. dirt dodger

    did 11 know he had a flat rear tyre?

  20. hilli

    Nr. 153 Rick Balbierer and Nr. 154 Erik Irmisch aka “The german Steve Peat”. Nice to see those guys!

  21. CC

    Atherton’s always have the freshest kit. Not sure about that all black on hot days…..that’s going to be a killer.

  22. Rower

    Great photos! Viewed every single photo :)

  23. Big Bird

    I can see the camera lady in the first picture. But with the rest the little pinwheel just keeps spinning and spinning.

  24. Chris

    #6 is Matt Beer from Canada.

  25. Big Bird

    I still can’t see them. Been looking for days.

  26. CarlG

    @Big Bird can you submit details via the support link at the very top on the right hand side


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