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Dirt World Cup Gallery 2013: Vallnord - Saturday

Dirt World Cup Gallery 2013: Vallnord - Saturday

Today was a little bit of a slow day as there was only a couple of hours practice this morning, this just meant our photographer on the ground Laurence was working even harder. Here’s the day in the form of photos and audio.

Photos: Laurence Crossman-Emms

  1. Big+Bird

    Well it’s got to be a special paint job dunnit?

    1. DirtyDee

      It’s a Demo under the cloths in the Trek tent. Look at the shape and the seat tube support. Dunno if they are trying to psych Gwin out or what?

  2. dhiobsessed

    It’s awesome that all of the riders are in agreement that this track is what mountain bike racing should be raced on. Tracks with technical line choices that make you think separate the boys from the men. Ten years ago I would not have thought that bike parks would take mountain biking out of mountain biking but the homogenized generic nature of what many of them have successfully done that. I for one ride a bike park just about every day, the convenient access and multiple laps are great fun and good to build skills. With in the last few years specifically I have seen more rocks, roots, drops and tech deliberately removed from the trails, in favour for berms, highway tracks, and every drop rollable. This course of action although has reduced injuries from those learning, it takes away the raw nature of the sport and that’s what separates mountain biking from road, dirt jumping, and slopestyle.

    Even if you ride a bike park and love it, please lets bring back some tech, we’ll all be better for it!

  3. Dan+J

    must be another cracked trek frame


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