Dirt World Cup Gallery 2013: Mont Sainte Anne - Thursday Practice

The wheels have started rolling in Mont Sainte Anne and Laurence Crossman-Emms was there for us to capture it all…

By the looks of it the rain was just what the track needed as hundreds of riders hurtling down a damp track can soon turn a manicured section into a proper test. Obviously the MSA gods have had their way and are doing everything in their power to make the track worthy of its predecessors. Bring on the racing!

  1. JN

    So that is Sams secret, Jedi training. Wonder how much his Jedi mind trick can affect the Gforce in Gee come sunday afternoon

    1. AD

      The Force is strong with this one!

  2. Packer

    Great photos!

    Loving the fact that we can now see the technical details of the photos (aperture/shutter/ISO) – this is awesome info, thanks very much for doing this!!

    1. fudge

      Mine isn’t showing the camera info, it has in past slideshows though…

      1. Ben

        Hi Fudge, send her full screen and that should do it!

      2. dover

        thanks, that seems to work


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