New Zealand Nationals Round One

Sam Blenkinsop and Sabrina Jonnier take the honours at the first round of the New Zealand nationals at the Living Springs Farm Park in Christchurch.

I’ll try and get a race report soon but in the meantime James Allen sent us a load of photos for you to check out below, including Blinky wearing gloves, Wyn Masters and Brook Macdonald on new bikes and some pigs.

Elite Men Downhill

1 Sam Blenkinsop (Wanganui) 3:45.51;
2 Justin Leov (Dunedin) 3:46.54;
3 Cameron Cole (Christchurch) 3:46.93;
4 Brook MacDonald (Napier) 3:48.29;
5 Matt Scoles (Alexandra) 3:50.11

Elite Women Downhill

1 Sabrina Jonnier (France) 4:15.91;
2 Sophie Borderes (France) 4:43.06;
3 Rita Langley (Golden Bay) 5:09.60

Full results here.

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