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Young Rippers: Kaos Seagrave

Young Rippers: Kaos Seagrave

Billy Thackray Billy Thackray

He’s 11 years old, wants to ride Champery, looks up to Sam Hill and has a super fast sister called Tahnée.

Checkout young ripper…Kaos Seagrave.



Kaos Seagrave

How old are you?

11. 12 in July

Where do you live?

Near Morzine

How long have you lived there?

7 years


When did you start riding bikes?

I can’t remember, I have always ridden bikes.

What’s it like having a snow season and only riding in the summer?

Rubbish. I go to ski club. This year I am doing freestyle which is good but I always want the snow to go so I can ride my bike

Are you old enough to race yet/have you started racing?

I have raced BMX and done a few downhill races which I have won. This year I want to do more.


Do you want to make a career out of mountain biking?

Yes I do

What are your favourite subjects at school?

Home time

Where do you want to ride that you haven’t been before?

Everywhere I like riding new places and trying new tracks. I want to ride Champery as I have not ridden it properly yet.


Who are your idols/role models?

Sam Hill but I really like Gee Atherton. Lewis Buchanan is fast too so I like him.

Your sister is fast on a bike, what’s it like riding with her?

It’s good I like it. I just want to catch her and I know she does not want me to catch her.

Do your family all ride bikes?

Dad does, mum is funny on a bike actually dad is too. My older brother is rubbish.

What do you hope to achieve in the next couple of years?

I just want to ride fast do massive whips and win world champs.

Any shout outs?

Mum dad Tahnée my big brother Chevy and thanks to everyone I have ridden with and who has helped Tahnée because I get everything she has had. I liked it last year as Greg Williamson, Lewis Buchanan and Ruaridh Cunningham rode with us a lot.

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  1. dirt dodger

    “I just want to ride fast do massive whips and win world champs.””

    HAHAAAAA LEGEND – get in there lad. ive seen grown men bottle out of smaller stuff than him. great feature

  2. DaveyD

    Nothing says ‘Hippy Parents’ better than calling ya kids Kaos, Chevy and Tahnée! 😉

  3. Renners

    Favourite subject at school? ‘Hometime’. Brilliant.

  4. sam

    That kid needs a smaller bike

  5. gert b frobe

    “I just want to ride fast do massive whips and win world champs.”

    me too

  6. Phil

    God that’s depressing. No 11 year old has any right to be that good.

    Just off to sell the bike on ebay.

  7. Tom.D

    Thats one cool ass name

  8. Flim

    I love the way kids are so honest and just tell it like it is :)

  9. Brian

    does he have a 24″ in the back?

  10. Pager

    Yeah K-Man! Cool having your own interview..

  11. Tim

    Brilliant. How fast is he going to be!!

  12. Rick

    This kid is hillarious. Even at his young age, his answers are way better than any of sam hills interview would ever be.

    winner kid

    1. James

      Yeah… But his eyebrows are nowhere near as good!!


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