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Yeti's new SB-66

Yeti's new SB-66

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Yeti unveil the new SB-66.

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Yeti have pulled off the impossible…they somehow managed to keep their new SB-66 a secret. That takes some doing these days. Anyway, I got to have a ride on this new ‘Super Bike’ whilst I was over at Sea Otter, and although the track we got to ride the bike on wasn’t exactly the most challenging it still managed to prove a few points about the SB-66. First of all for a 6” travel bike it climbs incredibly well. Yes the full XTR build and 27lb weight obviously helped, but the suspension only ever moved when it needed to, even with the rear shock left fully wide open.

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Secondly they’ve got the geometry pretty much spot on, it felt far more up to date with its 67 degree head angle than their 575 (which Yeti will continue to make despite the travel similarities, it’ll just sell for less than this bike). Finally, despite a distinct lack of rocks and roots on the track I did manage to hunt out the odd one and found the suspension to be very composed and efficient. By efficient I mean that it only seemed to use as much as was needed, leaving some in reserve, just like a good system should. I think it can only be a good thing that I ended the ride thinking ‘I really want to take this bike somewhere gnarlier’. It definitely felt like it had the potential to take on some serious terrain, but at the same time I loved the fact that it felt like it had plenty of life in it unlike some other big hitters that are more sofa like than fun and lively. Basically I really want to ride this bike some more.

So, you know it’s a very promising proposition, but how does it work? Well, the key feature is the ‘Switch Technology’ that from a distance just looks like a single pivot with a linkage driven shock, but is in fact a main pivot that’s mounted on an eccentric pivot that rotates throughout the travel. Why? Cos it lets Yeti fine tune every aspect of the suspension (chain growth, leverage curve, anti-squat, pedal feedback, etc) in what is essentially a very simple and neat package. Pretty clever stuff really and it seems to work. Throw that suspension design in with some trademark Yeti build quality and you’ve got a very impressive bike indeed. Perhaps one of its greatest rivals will be the carbon version which will be available later on this year and will shave another pound off the already impressive 7 lb frame weight. With the aluminium one looking like it’s going to cost around the two grand mark for the frame though, the carbon one will probably need to involve the sale of a kidney.

Anyway, here’s some more info from Yeti on the new bike, including some graphs for all the tech heads/geeks out there…

· Custom butted hydro-formed 6000 series aluminum
· Tapered inset head tube
· Over-sized pivots with Enduro Max bearings (17mm thru axle angular contact for the top link and 15mm thru axle for the main pivot)
· Fully-sealed eccentric system
· Switch Technology – patent pending suspension system
· Yeti Chip System for an interchangeable 9mm x 135mm qr hub or a 12mm x 142 thru axle hub
· Internally routed cable guides on the rear triangle
· Seat dropper cable guides
· Direct mount front derailleur tab
· Custom elastomer chain slap guards
· Post mount disc tabs
· ISCG removable 03/05 chain guide tabs
· Air or coil over shock compatibility

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  1. Casey79

    Looks like a Trek

  2. mike

    Gotta admit, the ‘looks like a trek’ thing was funny there, for a while.

    Last week or the week before or whenever…no more.

  3. steve

    does this mean the end of that pig ugly asr7?

  4. DiggerDan

    Can’t believe a Trek add before you watch a Yeti vid! And it doesn’t look like a trek, it looks like a Nomad.

  5. OhYa

    I think it looks just awesome!

  6. Daire

    It looks like my dream bike, gotta love that Yeti blue colour!

  7. Chris

    if that first video doesnt make you want to buy it nothing will, rad!

  8. KidCards

    IT LOOKS LIKE A YETI! and a sick one at that. Looks ace

  9. Big G

    I think it looks exactly the same as a saracen ariel

  10. steve

    if way are playing that game: looks like covert!

  11. Philipp

    First thought: Please, not another 29er.
    Second thought: Great, not a 29er! And even cooler, the Geo looks dialed.

    This might very well be the bike I´d put in my shed if there was just room for one. And it´s a looker, too!

  12. TimBud

    Chill mike its only a joke… if you don’t find it funny thats fine. No need to start bitching about it. 😉
    Bet the trolls will give the red thumbs for this post though now… way to prove your manhood kids

    Looking forward to seeing a full test from Jones. Looks pretty amazing though.

  13. ronin

    have i seen that sus design on a Decathlon scooter a few years ago?

  14. Russ

    what ronin said, it sure ain’t original! 2Grand for an old Rockrider design!


    Front triangle looks like a transition covert to me.

  15. ronin

    that’s it Russ! covert+rockrider+saracen = baby sb66 (pretty baby, though) when it says they have exclusive rights to the design for three years does that simply mean they’ve bought an existing design not currently used cuz it didn’t mention “patent”. oh well, what’s old is new, right?

  16. Tepid

    who gives a shit what it look likes!!!!! What do you expect to gain from saying that it looks like a Nomad.Decathlon…really!!! Especially when the technology involved is totally different.

  17. gert b frobe

    Sold, I’ll have one.

  18. gert b frobe

    Actually, i’ll have two, one to ride and the other to have in the lounge to figure out what the bits do.

  19. Adam

    Who cares what it looks like? Its a bike, not a piece of art.

  20. ronin

    who cares what it looks like? yeah, right. anything on wheel$ needs to be aesthetically plea$ing.

  21. The Jude Bear

    if only my commencal sx had such a device then i could pedal it up hills. interesting, but pricey!

  22. AmplusTarenBrasil

    Oh no! Another marketing bullshit . . .

  23. Steve

    oooowwwwww rate of chainstay lengthening! pass me the hand cream!!!

  24. fneuf

    What song is used in the first vid ?

  25. Nozes

    So Yeti invented a Decathlon Rockrider.Nice.

  26. MmmBones

    the XL is HUGE!

  27. slamman

    At Last, this has to be the best Yeti yet and I’m buying one!!!

  28. dirt dodger

    Best looking Yeti I have seen, period !

  29. treehuggergraeme

    Want one, you’ve got to hand it to them, Yeti have some great branding guys involved at the moment, all their web stuff, videos, everything looks amazing. sorry but i’m sold, it looks amazing.

  30. Ripper

    Nozes, that’s like saying once a single pivot has been done it’s done. So the single pivot at Halfords is the same as an Orange? Any frame is more to do with how the technology has been used (geometries, leverage and rate of compression etc.) rather than what that technology is. It’s just ridiculous everyone comparing this to the Rockrider. Ha! Sure, if you want to be a smart-ass, go ride a Rockrider. But the two bikes are going to feel completely different.

  31. Nozes

    Ripper,I wasn’t going too deep with my statement. Undoubtely the Yeti will be a super bike and will do most of the things they advertise. Still,it does basicaly look like a Rockrider,so it’s not that ridiculous,and Yeti didn’t invent anything,just fine tuned a existing design.
    That said,I would buy the Rockrider,sell the frame and keep the equipment to mount on a nice frame. Probably not a Yeti,as it’s just to expensive.
    Oh,and I ride a 2009 Remedy 7 😉

  32. Ripper

    I ride a Remedy 7 too :) And I have a Yeti. Lol.

  33. JC

    Whilst its refreshing for a bike to be launched and then available to buy pretty quick, unlike months of hype (etc Turners DHR) I think the hasty launch is more to do with getting that design out there as patent is pending on it. Want to avoid a Trek style Split Pivot design pinch.


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