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Yeti Cycles New Website

Yeti Cycles New Website

Billy Thackray Billy Thackray

New goodies from the Yeti website.

Yeti have spruced up parts of their webber. They’ve got the 2010 bike section in there plus a brand new features section. Click on the features and you get super slide shows with actual people talking plus spanking new videos.

Take a look it’s pretty awesome.

Press mouse on Yeti website

yeti dirt jumper

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  1. Rafi

    Lets hope for 2010 they have brought there quality control standards up to a par with Raligh/Appolo ect. because i know of 12 cases of the 303 cracking within 4 months of new and two RDH’s, and for a 3.5K frame i was not happy to have to replace the front triangle every 4 weeks. now on the RDH cant wait to get shot of it, if you want a single pivot bike get an orange alot more work has gone in to it as far as i can see.

  2. Peter

    well the 303 cracking problem won’t happen as much anymore seeing as they have removed it from their line-up

  3. Dan

    well it’s nice to see Yeti going with some different colors for some of there bike, it’s a refreshing site from all those turquise models


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