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XCE The Future of Mountain Biking


XC Eliminator is a potential future Olympic Sport on which our sport will be judged by a worldwide audience. Heres how the S4P crew think we will be viewed!
If you’re interested in what XCE really looks like BikeMagic have got a load of it on their pages.


  1. Hancock

    Nice to see this exciting event being treated with the respect it so thoroughly deserves, nice DMR at the end.

  2. s4pricks

    I don’t want XCE to represent my sport to a worldwide audience. I want to be judged as someone who pays £5k for a bike so I can spend most of the time pushing it up hill and riding down in pyjamas. Come on, we’re all just as ridiculous, who cares.

    1. rod fountain

      Dear S4P,

      Is it still OK to ride my carbon trail bike around the Pennines, or can I only go downhill on it?

      Please let me know as soon as you can so I can plan my riding future around you.


      1. Olly+wilkins

        Hahahaha! That’s such a turdy bitch Internet comment. This video has absolutely nothing to do with your carbon trail bike. That’s what all of us ride!! The fucking title is XCE!! Mad weak argument! I never read these shitty forum things but it blows my mind some of these comments. Do you even know what XCE is?

  3. rod+fountain

    By the way, S4Pricks, you’re spot on: on paper DH is just daft. And, how come DJers never get any flack? Its got about as much to do with DH as…stuck for an analogy, but you know what I mean.

    1. gabe

      err, on paper dh is the truest test of high speed bike handling skills. pretty similar to dj in that regard. whats daft about that? indeed some of the colour schemes on the high speed bike handling pyjamas are a bit daft, but then adrenaline junkies do tend to take everything to extremes.To me pedaling your bike up a hill wasting the energy you could be using to go even faster (or even funner should i say) down the hill seems a bit daft. but some people are endorphine junkies rather than adrenaline. each to their own, whatever floats your boat and whatever other overused phrases you can think of.

  4. Bike Magic


  5. Nil banta

    This is pure banta and a bit of fun they haven’t said stop riding your trail bike what they are pointing out is how crap xce really is some people should pull there head from there arse and smile once in a while there’s only 1 prick who dictates what you do his name is David Cameron

    1. TimBud

      take your politics back to pinkbike ;)

  6. Steve

    Awesome vid.

    XCE is an absolute embarrassment, surely the UCI can’t really think that it’s a suitable replacement for 4x, they must be watching something different to me.

    Slow up hill, slow down hill, fantastic spectator sport, congratulations UCI!!

  7. TimBud

    Pretty sure its all a joke chaps… take it with a pinch of salt.

  8. Steve

    it’s a joke, but the reason it was made was due to XCE being a joke in the first place. If twitter is anything to go by, a lot of people feel the same.

    I will hang my head in shame as a mountain biker, if it makes the olympics.

  9. ddmonkey

    XCE looks like the UCI equivalent of Its a Knockout.

  10. rod+fountain

    So where does everyone stand on cycle speedway? No hills, either way, but certainly something that’s endured since before WWII and has a devoted, fashion and fickle free core of devotees who drift for kicks. It’s bikes, it’s dirt, it’s OK. Or is it?

  11. ShrEd

    Haha I think some of the above chaps may find some sympathetic ears at singletrackworld… I recommend you don’t ever go to Whistler cos you would die from the incessant heckling/banter/hate. Which is incidentally what so many people love about the place. Also don’t ever go to a DH race in Australia.

  12. Mountain Bicyclist

    The UCI is the only real joke here. Problem is we all bow down to them. Humans are like sheep in that respect. What our sport needs is a governing body who understands the needs and possibilities of our off road bicycles.

  13. Ed Cooke

    Just checked a few XCE vids out on you tube to try and understand it. Is it all on Tarmac in towns, that’s all I could find?

    ‘Mountain town biking’

    Battin’ it round town on a bike is a right laugh, mainly after the pub, I’d like to design a bike specially for it

  14. Lev

    Rod Fountain, you are on your own with this. Maybe you have just changed disciplines now to XCE and cyclo cross. XCE is a terrible format that has nothing to do with mountains. Their bikes should be called ‘Tarmac & small rock bikes’. The UCI have lost the plot.

    1. rod+fountain

      Lev, you’re right. I was just trying to be provocative but no-one was really biting. That said, I’ll defend CX ’till my dying day!

      1. lev

        Fair enough. I’ve a CX bike too!

  15. Beavis

    Sounds like Rod still has bitterness since they pulled his column…..

  16. Olly wilkins

    Ha!! Love the negative comments. So crazy. They’re putting this thing In the Olympics. It’s invented purely for that purpose. It doesn’t represent any kind of mtb riding. Sprint xc? Really? Why not include DH or enduro? Why invent some bullshit event that makes mtb look cretinous. We made this nearly 2 years ago and it’s only a bit of fun. Ride what you want. Just dont let this joke into the Olympics. Suck it negative comment nerds. All the people in this video ride more than you do. Hahaha @odub_23. Xx

  17. Steve

    Reminds me of It’s A Knockout but on bikes or some village sportsday event.

  18. Gabe

    Wasn’t actually sure what xce was, so i watched a few races on youtube. Just looks like 4x for beginners. Bit like scootering is to BMX. Nothing wrong with that, good way to get people into the sport. Why you would have it in the olympics is beyond me tho. Bit like replacing televised motorsport with televised driving lessons. But hey, thats the world we live in, if somethings hard enough that it involves a bit of practice, don’t practice, just make it easier! simples!

  19. rob

    Its like they took 4x and shitted it right up! XCE surely is the que for DH to leave the UCI!

  20. Prondrick

    Video is disrespectful to the highly skilled XCE professionals. Those XCE tracks look totally gnarly and only the faster pinners can shred that gnar and cross the finish line stoked.

  21. Satchel Paige

    Why does it matter what “our sport” looks like to others?

    No matter what Mister Average Joe thinks about riding MTBs, or what he thinks about the people who ride MTBs, I’m going to go ride my bike and have fun doing it. I’ve never thought about “the sport” when riding, and I doubt I ever will. Others’ opinions don’t mean boo when it comes to my enjoyment of riding.

    Maybe too many of you are too concerned with your image, and not enough worried about how well you actually can ride your bike?

    1. Olly+wilkins

      Or maybe you haven’t thought about how amazing it would be for everyone if DH made the Olympics. The money it would bring, the venues which would open up, the interest it would create. Maybe you just want to write turdy comments which make you seem like the ‘real’ rider?

      1. Stooky

        Sorry olly, Where can you have decent dh track in these cities, london, barcalona, los angeles, soul, atlanta. To name a few. While i dont like xce your dream is never happening WE need to make it bigger our self.

        And if you are indeed the talented olly wilkins and not an internet gimp, then YOU need to motivate people to make it bigger and not publicise things that dont help get the sport to where you want it to be.

        Why dont you spend your free time making a video on why dirt jumping should be an olympic sport.

        Good luck with that.

      2. Satchel+Paige

        Olly, I’m leaving the “turdy” comments to you. You’ve got it well in hand.

        Do you think popularizing MTB further with “promotion” activity will result only in good things? What I’ve seen is over-crowded trails, which means blown-out trails, and lots of riders who assume trails maintain themselves.

        You can always go ride your bike in the crowded streets of London if you’re lonely and want more company.

      3. Olly+wilkins

        Stooky, brilliant point about the cities not having mountains. Dunno how they run Olympic sailing year after year. The bmx track in London was good too…

        Don’t worry about my effort. This really wasn’t too hard. The alternative being me NOT spending 5 minutes making a joke video about what I think.

        Good one on the dirtjumping comment too. That one cut me deep bro! DH could fit in the Olympics the same way that dh skiing fits in the Winter Olympics. Just think it’s a shame. Could be real sick. What do I know anyway. I only just learnt I could comment on these forums. It’s where all the smart people hang right?

      4. Olly+wilkins

        Satchel and Paige, good points. You have once again proved to me that you are the ‘real’ rider. You don’t care what anyone thinks mannn. You just wanna shred HARD.
        You’ve opened up my eyes. You’re right, it would be well shit if DH was in the Olympics. It wouldn’t open up any new spots to ride, maintained by full time staff. Everything would be overcrowded, blown out and shit for gangstas like you.xx

  22. Andy Coumbe

    I don’t really care what our sport looks like to others. What I DO care about is UCI dropping 4x and picking up XCE instead. 4x is exciting (in my opinion) and XCE appears boring as a spectator sports. Thankfully 4x is resisting the UCI and its decision to try and kill it off. 4x is alive and healthy in the UK.

  23. John

    …dont mean boo?

    1. Satchel+Paige

      Sorry, John. Probably a local saying. How about “don’t mean squat” or “don’t mean much”?

  24. Steve

    the best thing they could do with xce is make it a FULL contact sport road rash style… actually instead of the last place getting eliminated they could just hand them a weapon….. imagine it blokes in pink lycra chasing each other on bikes with nunchucks, baseballbats with nails etc NOW thats good tv!!

    PS: channel 5 i want credit when you swap big bro for this!

  25. Parr

    Absolute quality, loving the full on Euro lycra Disco dancing moves :-D
    The OTB was pretty funny as well!

  26. Hey, teacher, leave those kids alone!

    But rod, I would have thought you’d have loved this as it was posted by your boyfriend Nick Hamilton…

  27. The butcher

    Hey teacher.
    Rodders is a love machine, whether its with nick or anyone else who comes along. He just can’t help it.
    I’m a massive fan of xc racing and schuters bike skills are second to none. But this xce thing (which seems like its a replacement for 4x) just doesn’t add up to me???
    I race all three disciplines throughout the year but I’d never enter an xce race.
    I’d rather mess with a lamas bollocks…….

  28. Andrew

    So many people crying about this… get a grip. It’s a funny video and a bit of fun… raising the very valid point that XCE is a disgusting concept.

  29. Lucie

    Personally I think this video is utter genius. It did make me seek out some XCE eliminator footage…crikey it’s worse than I thought. A little 4X for people scared of mountains or 4X for toddlers. Seriously awesome dance moves too. What more could you want from a video. It’s raising a valid point about a new throughly uselesss discipline that is being pushed by the uci as a way to showcase mountain biking. As for the there’s no venues near host cities that are suitable argument, for one Rio is one massive hill down to the sea and the Beijing Olympics had sports venues that were a four hour flight from the aforementioned host city.it was only the London Olympics who decided that no facilities should be shared around the country and only London should benefit.


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