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World Cup Preview 2013: Ten Questions for the Top Ten – Part 5


As I pack the car to head up to the first World Cup at Fort William this weekend heres the final part of our series previewing the World Cup series ahead by asking the top ten riders from last year ten questions about the season ahead. You can also read Part 1, Part 2, Part 3 and Part 4.

Aaron Gwin. Photo: Victor Lucas

9: What would be your prediction for the Top 5 overall at the end of this season?


Aaron Gwin: Chuck Norris, Yoda, Ron Burgundy, Iron Man, The “Red Bull”

Greg Minnaar: 5 guys that deserve to be up there, I have no idea, I’d like to be one of the 5

Gee Atherton: Similar to last season with two changes

Steve Smith: I don’t want to give order but i don’t see guys that were in it the past two years all of a sudden being gone. Maybe a fresh face in the tail end? Joshy b and the bull dog have been close the last two and are both more than capable of winning.

Sam Hill: Sam Hill after that I’m not bothered.

Josh Bryceland: Myself, Greg, Gwin, Stevie Smith and Brook Mac in no particular order.

Brook Macdonald: I have a feeling Stevie Smith is going to be on fire this year! Rat boy too!! Top 5 I would love to be up there for sure too. Its going to be a sick year this year and racings going to be exciting!

Danny Hart: Haha, thats a hard one, obviously I want to see myself at the top, all being well. But there are so many guys it is very hard to say.

Mick Hannah: My guess would be Gwin, Smith, Minnaar, Hill and I’m sorry, but I hope to be in there myself ha ha. That leaves out Brosnan, Bryceland, Macdonald, Cole, Peaty, Blenki, Beaumont and Atherton. The field is deep these days!

George Brannigan: Its too hard to predict that because there are a bunch of people who could be up there with a good season. We will have to wait and see

Myriam Nicole Pom, Pom, P Pom Pom Poooom. Photo: Victor Lucas

Rachel Atherton: Women: in no particular order: Ragot, Pugin, Atherton, Charr, Carpenter.

Men: Smith, Minnarr, Atherton, McDonald, Hill

Emmeline Ragot: Next..

Myriam Nicole: That easier do to it for men: Aaron gwin, Steve Smith, Gee Atherton, Greg Minnaar, Brook Mc Donald.

Tracey Hannah: Thats a hard one, but here’s a handful of my choices: Minnaar, Gwin, Big bro, Steve Smith, Gee, Cam Cole, Ratboy….

For the ladies the same deal: Emmeline, Rachel, Myriam, Floriane, Manon, Morganne, Emilie. I really can’t choose, there are so many variables….

Emilie Siegenthaler: 1. Gwin 2. Stevie Smith 4. Greg Minaar 5. Brook MacDonald

1. Atherton 2. Pugin 3. Siegenthaler 4. Ragot 5. Nicole


George Brannigan up on the Podium. Photo: Seb Schieck


10           What question should we have asked and how would you answer it?



Aaron Gwin: Did you put major thought into the answer above. I would of answered yes, I picked each character based on their skill set and all around ability to be awesome.

Greg Minnaar: Do you use a Marsh Guard? On every bike I have, if I lived in the UK I wouldn’t leave home without one

Gee Atherton: Milk and one sugar

Steve Smith: What websites are saved for easy access in your tool bar? In order from left to right, Pinkbike, Dirt, vitalmtb mx bmx, TD banking, hotmail, twitter, facebook, redtube, shockmansion.

Sam Hill: Ha I hate questions so none :)

Josh Bryceland: What the best way to rehabilitate a swollen knee? Laps of the local bowl on my skateboard!!!!

Brook Macdonald: Why people call me bulldog? Because I think when I crash it doesn’t seem to bother me and I get back up and carry on but those crashes do hurt I just don’t like giving up. For sure I can take a good hit and carry on but I would rather stay on my bike haha. I’m sure the people like to watch a good crash every now and then!!

Danny Hart: Think you got everything covered! :)

Mick Hannah: Why am I here? I love to ride my bike as fast as I can and share it with anyone who’s interested. This life is such a gift.

George Brannigan: If you had one wish what would it be? My answer would be “to wish for more wishes”

Who will be on the top step this season? Photo: Seb Schieck

Rachel Atherton: What would you like to see happen with our sport in the future? I would really really like to see DH and Enduro World Cups at the same event, same weekend, like with XC, i think it would work really well, bring the crowds in, maybe have a round of the FMB world tour as well, really make the whole week a big deal for mountain bikers, join forces you know, it would be a logistical nightmare with venues having to being suitable for both events but if it could be done it would be sick!

Emmeline Ragot: How you feel on your new Lapierre Bike?? I feel amazing!

Tracey Hannah: “What do you want people to think, after the injuries (4 broken bones and a bruised lung) you’ve sustained in the last 8 months?” I think it proves how much I want to race. It shows that yes I took 5 years off racing world cups but now I’m back and I can prove that I’m not going anywhere. My broken leg was the worst crash/experience I’ve ever had, I believe to come back from that will give confidence to those who might of thought I could just leave at anytime again.

Emilie Siegenthaler: You could have asked me How is Brendan Fairclough as a team mate, and I would have told told that he’s a pain in the a**….

  1. gravcrew

    Pain in the ass.. sweet one emilie :-D

  2. dirt dodger

    1st question is amazing – fair play for putting it to them hahahaaaa. LOVE Sam Hills answer ! Yes boy go get it. Gee’s was a little bit more black ops but we know what he means ;-)

  3. Oz

    It’s funny how none of the riders, male or female mention Danny Hart in their top 5, yet Ratboy gets lots of comments? Maybe it’s down to exposure? I think because Danny was out for the last half of 2012 he has been forgotten about, despite winning the BDS at Fort Bill this year. Come on Danny, it’s your year!

    1. dirt dodger

      I agree Danny should be on everybody’s list. He is a threat.

    2. john

      Danny only won at forl bill in the BDS because he was there a week before everyone else

      1. Eoin

        Dear John, your analysis is wrong and makes you look bitter and stupid. Danny came 2nd in Fort William in both the 2011 and 2012 WC rounds behind Gwin. If you wanted to be more correct you could have stated that Danny only won because Gwin wasnt there, in which case you would only have looked bitter. But Congrats on going 2 for 1.

      2. john

        Df you hadnt noticed eoin you w****r i said in the BDS not work cup so suck it trying to be a smart ass, eoin what kind of name is that anyway

      3. nick

        Yeah i agree with john danny hart is shit hes hasnt won any races accept fot world champs

  4. gravcrew

    Couldn’t agree more. Danny will be on fire this season. The top five overall i’d say.. 1 Gwin again (hope im wrong) 2. Hart 3. Minnaar 4. Gee 5 Smith. I’d love too see sam on the top step of the podium at least once. it’d be boost condfidence for him.

  5. ronin

    go on Sam.
    i will leave ‘em all, mr. frodo.

  6. Deran

    anybody else notice smith’s open attitude about his preferred porn sites? haha top man

    1. yetifoco

      at least he’s honest!

      1. Mr+Powermutant

        With such a long off-season you’ve got to do something to train for forearm pump

  7. dede

    A world cup to start in the middle of the year is a joke.

    UCI is a totally joke.

  8. Cartel dex

    Hart hart hart hart

  9. Cartel+dex

    Now don’t get me wrong as Iam as much a hill fan as the next but why has everyone got this sudden hope hs gunna win again by god I hope he wud but let’s b realistic Thers jst far to many riders on it hill ad his window did gud but has been off the pace afew years really Gwinn hart atherton ther all on top form man of the moment type thing but iv hope hill may jst break a top ten sorry hill fans


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