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World class 4x Track Cheshire

World class 4x Track Cheshire

Billy Thackray Billy Thackray

Chris Roberts (Mini-DH main man) dropped by the Dirt office yesterday with some mince pies and told us about a new World Class 4x track being built in Cheshire.
It’s being built by World Cup 4x designer Phil Saxena so should be good and due to open about April 2010. The venue will also have a mini dh, pump track, djs, skills area, and a foampit.
Can’t wait.

An interview with Phil Saxena with on the Chris Roberts Eye-fone


Distance: 0.44 kilometers
Min Altitude: 160 m
Max Altitude: 209 m

  1. Chris

    Where is it? I hope you get the details up when it “goes live”

  2. billy

    Chris, if you click on the link at the start it tells you. All info will be posted when she’s up and running.

  3. Ed

    F**K ME THAT’S 2 miles from my house!!

    Always wondered why they never converted the mountain boarding site to acccomodate bikes!!

  4. Andy D

    and just 20 mins from me. no motorway marathons and plenty of time to sort out images before tea time!

  5. jonny

    not far from me either… :0)
    should be ace

  6. JRoe

    I live in Cheshire where is it???????


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