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World Champs Photo Gallery: PMB - Tech Gallery


So today saw Tahnee Seagrave and Richie Rude take the Junior World Champion titles, but here we look at some of the top rider’s setups, for this weekend…

Keep an eye out for the audio clips!

Photos: Laurence Crossman Emms

  1. phillemaistre

    ‘Keep an eye out for the audio clips!’

    Will do, Dirt, will do. Then when I see an audio clip, I will dutifully click play to listen to it and continue nerding out on geeky techy bike awesomeness, and suddenly I will be redirected to a new page where I can hear the audio clip, but can no longer see the photo to which it is attached.

    What gives?

  2. Robbonzo

    On an iPhone you can’t see the captions or audio on the dirt galleries, I’ve tried in landscape view too.

  3. Neil

    Ropelato running the water bottle for race day? Crucial mid run refreshment?

  4. Sarah

    The audios for Rach and Emmeline aren’t working – aaargh!

    (Love the interviews, thanks!)

  5. Sarah

    (Also, Ragot’s not the current World Champ – that’s Morgane Charre… Emmeline won in 2009 & 2011, odd-numbered years seem to suit her!)

  6. Maverickdh

    Great to get some honest track assessment from Florraine Pugin, flat not really a DH track! Ghat said great interviews from all, couldn’t access GMs though bloody add in way re directing me, rest fine though no issue, cant wait to,race time proper, yeaha!

  7. DHer

    @ Maverickdh …. “great to get an honest track assessment!” … dude no offense but it seems like you are just looking for any option to bad mouth the track rather than looking at the riders and how they themselves have trained etc.

    Fine its flatter than most, but when 90% of the riders say that its legit (in its own way – even though its not a Val Di Sole or Champery) … just let it be – the UCI choose it for some reason (maybe to throw a spanner in the works) … so … so what … at least you dont have to pedal that middle section.

    I’d love to hit those jumps – but would hate to have pedal that middle section


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