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Wireless roll-off goggle company Redraven to sponsor Justin Leov

Wireless roll-off goggle company Redraven to sponsor Justin Leov

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Now this is one trick bit of kit…

So the news is that Redraven have signed up Trek World Racing star Justin Leov, but have you check out the product!? A wireless, hands-free goggle roll-off system (not easy to say or type).

Redraven sign World cup star Justin Leov to race Speedview for 2012.
Justin Leov of Trek World Racing, one of the downhill scenes brightest stars has just signed to race with Redraven and their new Speedview hands-free roll-off goggle system for the 2012 season and Redraven are looking forward to seeing Justin with the Speedview system on a great many podiums in the year ahead.
Jonathan Knight. CEO. Redraven

“It all started with Justin ordering his own Speedview system from our website, it gave us great pleasure in knowing that a professional world cup rider like Justin values Speedview so much that he bought one for himself and being honest, when we received the order we were quite shocked. We can’t think of a greater complement than a professional rider buying our products to race with! Shortly after we decided to contact Justin and after talking to him we felt he would be a great asset to the Speedview cause and our ever growing family of professional athletes.”

“Justin has seen the advantages of the Speedview system and the benefits it can bring during a race. As a rider Justin shares our focus for winning and has seen that with Speedview he can push for race wins. He knows just how important the clear vision Speedview offers can be to winning races. The Speedview system will allow Justin to concentrate fully on his riding with the fact that he will never have to lift his hands from the bars during a race allowing him to focus on going as fast as he can for as long as he can as safely as he can. Something that Justin is really enthusiastic about and sees the obvious advantages off.”

Justin Leov. Trek World Racing.
“I’m buzzing to be on a brand like Redraven and to be racing the Speedview system. I’ve never been satisfied with the current roll off systems on the market. They seem to either have problems clearing or I lose valuable time taking my hands off the handle bars to clear them. I don’t care what people say, unless you’re clearing them over a jump your losing time taking your hand of the bars. I’m looking forward to the mud and rain in 2012!”

Redraven have designed Speedview the world’s first and most advanced wireless hands-free roll-off system called.
• Goggle technology hasn’t change in over 20 years, we believe Speedview’s innovation and technology will change the industry and our goal is to replace each and every roll-off system with Speedview and we would like you to be a part of this evolution in goggle technology.
• Speedview is activated simply by pressing a button on your handle bars, instantly your vision is cleared allowing you to power through without having to duck your head to avoid roast or slow down to rip and tear-off. We have spent the past 4 years developing Speedview to work perfectly and better than roll-off system you will have ever used before!
• Speedview will suit each and every rider from kids that find it difficult to take their hand of the bars to clear their vision to adult racers wanting to win.


Main Features
1. Instant wireless hand-free activation
2. Largest viewing area of any roll-off system in the world
3. Up to 40 clears per roll – more than any other system on the market.
4. Many more features

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  1. gibbon

    And as a bonus you get to look like Optimus Prime…..WIN.

  2. Dario

    Yeah! I like the power ranger/mazinga look!

  3. Daire

    So simple its funny to think no one else has thought of it before! All they need now is one powered by your mind.

  4. centrifuge

    “Hands-free” but, you must push a button on your handlebar? I thought of this goggle design some time ago however, with a sonic film advance system integrated into the helmet (with mic. sensitivity balanced for close proximity to the rider’s mouth). Do not get me wrong I really like this Redraven product. Let’s take this concept to the next level.

  5. SKor

    So when you crash and yell SHITE, your visoin will be clear again?

  6. dirt dodger

    centrifuge is so full of shit !

  7. dirt dodger

    radical product though and great marketing, for Moto this is perfect! TBH in all my years of racing DH in Britain in the stinky wet rain and mud, i have never needed more than 1 lens or wipe per run, never used a tear off nor a roller. This looks cool but if i have managed thus far, what’s my motivation to buy?

  8. centrifuge

    @ dirtdodger, Come up with a valid provable argument. As to all the “negative prop-ers”, where are your ideas. I am a designer so, all the opposed should man up and submit their “better” ideas. “Hands-free” with a button to push with your finger, attached to your hand. Funny shit! You don’t say?

  9. centrifuge

    There should be a question mark in my previous post. Voila, ?

  10. centrifuge

    I just utterly love the mob approach by you internet folk! You all are so funny. You see not reason and commonsense anymore! I’m losing all my respect for DirtMag and it’s users.

  11. Hampson

    Centrifuge – stop being a little B++++ and go somewhere else if you do not like us.

    As for the goggles – The reason we are suppost to comment, i’d say i’m not a massive fan. I feel the same as dirt dodger in that when have i ever needed more than one? Maybe the Mega would be a good place to set up a stall for selling these, i rekon the market for this product is there and there alone, but best of luck to you.

  12. Das Juden Bear

    @ centrifuge, in the words of justin timberlake “cry me a river” and then you can use “your’e design” goggles to wipe the tears away before putting you bra back on and cancelling you’re dirt subscription, you knob!

  13. Howie

    You boys obviously ain’t from Scotland! Looks pretty cool. Genius idea.
    Would’ve been handy at worlds in champery I reckon!

  14. Gaz

    “Redraven was formed in 2004 by Jonathan Knight – a former downhill mountain biking champion. Jonathan’s vision was to design and create innovative products driven by the needs of the action sports athlete. Performance, safety and quality would be at the center of the design process. Redraven’s sole purpose was to create products which would out-perform anything within the current marketplace.

    Redraven’s first product to market was an advanced aero-flow rotor for the mountain bike industry. This braking disc named the “Alpine Rotor”, used/drew upon force convection to create small disturbances in the surrounding air allowing heated gases given off by the brake pads and rotors known as “eddy gases” to escape at a greater rate, thus keeping the rotor and pads cooler for longer in extreme braking conditions. Redraven was also the first company to release a super-size rotor, the biggest in the mountain bike industry at 230mm (9”). This coupled with an upgrade bracket allowed the rider to dramatically increase their braking performance.

    Today, Redraven’s elite brand of innovative, performance-led, stylish products allows the action sports athlete to push their limits and ability further than they have ever been capable of before.”

    His first product was 90% bullsh!t but this actually looks like ought to work great. Good luck to the fella, there sure is some investment gone into in that.

  15. Centrifuge is the human so full of shit who's about to take a healthy dump. Clear a path!

    These goggles could have been nearly perfect all last season on the slopes while banging out runs in the French Alps as it rained so much then. As and Ecologist, I hate tear-offs. They are such a waste and counter the natural essence of this amazing activity we do. Thus the reason for aforementioned my idea. To the ostentatious cocksure swing-dicks on this thread well… you can eat my dust or mud depending on the weather.

  16. Morgan

    I never miss a roast, ducking my head or not

  17. Leon

    All you need is a red/blue lycra 1 piece and you would look a complete bell end rather then just partial .
    But on a serious note they seem like a pretty cool idea , especially for people like me who can barely ride with two hands on the bar let alone one…

  18. jono

    really great idea and design,this will be invaluable in motocross, they should make a smaller one for downhill, like 10 rolls, coz we only ride 5 minute downhills, sounds awesome , think i will buy a pair.

  19. crispycritter

    Just had a quick look and it looks like they’re about a hundred quid a set. I think i’d pay that just to make shitty, wet, alpine trips more enjoyable. Good work guys.

  20. baddog

    Good idea, suspect look about them though……

  21. nojzilla

    hhmmm am i the only one to notice that there only seems to be strip barely 2inches high across the entire width of the goggle?
    restricted vision? no thanx

    tear off might be a hassle to go pick up afterwards but you get the WHOLE field of vision cleared on an unrestricted goggle

  22. chuckie

    Super cool!! How could you NOT like those????

  23. john

    Could come in handy at a Bukakae party so she can press a button and then see what she’s doing again ready to crack on……..

  24. Serious_racer

    I think the majority of you are forgetting that this product is designed for RACING at top level. It would make a huge difference in Downhill even more so than motocross, At world cup level you never have a chance to take your hand off the bars like moto, Doing so while jumping is risky and not all courses have suitable jumps. Ordered a set already! Cant believe i have not heard of this product already. brilliant work guys.

  25. VonDH

    Star Wars Much

  26. davey

    On the next model, when you blink they clear…

  27. Krissboo

    Just out of interest, how much more than a standard pair of goggles with tear off’s do these weigh?

  28. Robz

    plus they’re red which is scientifically proven to make you go faster.

  29. dirt dodger

    Hey Centrifuge looks like you suffered there, my apologies . the reason i said it was i have a degree in audio engineering with a technical background in design and while your design sounds great in principal, it has many flaws – all starting with breathing and the additional frequencies probably generated inside a helmet whether in or out of control. i would like to see a design using filters (they would have to be pretty darn good mind) or microphone proximity to control something like this but i just dont see it being successful, affordable, light, or reliable, ever, there would be so many different parameters to make it not work properly, a crash is the 1st thing that would end the microphone, then to create probs you have freq per mouth size, angle of mouth, per face size, how close to the helmet mouthpiece your mouth sits, inmternal design of the lid etc etc, they would all affect the design in a massive manor. show me your thesis on this subject and let me read it and i would gladly take back my opinion.

    Robz is on the money though – red is best!

  30. barney

    Didn’t these guys put out a press release saying they were sponsoring Peaty a few years back and actually never did? Chancers!

  31. Joe

    What a stupid idea

  32. daft yellow mondraker

    Has robocop lost his ray bans

    On a serious notch tho.think they might just be quality for pure racers who value every second


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