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Winter Digging:Surrey, BC

Winter Digging:Surrey, BC

Billy Thackray Billy Thackray

Derek Kost and his friend Jordan have been busy digging in Surrey, BC, Canada. No sign of any snow in the shots yet but just take a look at the size of that rock that they’ve shifted, that’s got to be in the running to win the “biggest-rock-shifted-by-hand” competition.

Derek says: “We have a riding spot in a local forest called Invergarry. It’s located in Surrey, BC, Canada. This spot was hand-built by my friend Jordan and I. We now have twenty-two jumps in this small area. Everything from small table tops for the young riders to the latest ‘big line’ of twenty foot gaps. There are six main lines to hit with plenty of opportunities to transfer and add flair to the jumps. I hope the readers enjoy our hard work. More info here.

We are currently working with the city to try and get this forest made into a real bike park. Hopefully this exposure on Dirt can help us.”

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MPORA Action Sports >>

Go-Pro jump digging timelapse.

Inverhizzle Airtime from Kyle Vanditmars on Vimeo.

  1. Big-G

    Thats 1 big ass rock.

  2. billy

    Phil Saxena just sent in some pics of an almighty ass’d rock he and 50 people moved, will post up tomorrow!

  3. Brentstyle

    Thanks for putting up these winter dig bits. Good inspiration for my own trail sculptures. Just need the ground to defrost before further progress!

  4. derek

    Thanks Billy!

  5. KV

    Holy crap, never thought I’d see this! Invergarry hits the big time. :)

  6. Craig

    I think I might have to head back to the hood to hit the woods! It looks like it’s going to shape up into a real good local riding spot. 😀

  7. Joshua

    Sweet! Really hoping the city will get on board with this and notice what an amazing spot this would be for a legit bike park. There’s nothing else in the area for quite a drive, definitely nothing that you would be able to ride to. Invergarry rocks!

  8. MG

    Well done boys… gonna keep me in top shape for summer rippin!

  9. derek

    Hey everyone, The snow finally melted in Invergarry. We were able to get some riding in this Sunday passed. Here is a Go Pro video of some local riders on Two of the Seven lines that exist: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RubK8uIu7gE

  10. derek

    Oh and I forgot to Mention. If you would like to see this area become a city funded Bike Park. Please email, call or write a letter to the City of Surrey’s Mayor Dianne Watts. Contact the Mayor: Office: 604-591-4126, Fax: 604-591-5175, Email at: http://www.surrey.ca/city-government/6866.aspx Thanks everyone!

  11. Jordan

    What an awesome day this sunday, so much got done, and lots of big airs!! can’t wait to let the city know how i feel bout this !!!

  12. derek

    We have a petition to make Invergarry a bike park, Please take 2 minutes to sign it, Open house coming April 28th 2011, Thanks! http://www.petitiononline.com/dirtwest/petition.html

  13. drod

    Checked out the jumps. Very impressive . Easily the best built park in surrey. Love to see this area built up for the kids.

  14. derek

    The Invergarry Open House has been scheduled:
    Thursday, April 28 2011 starting at 6pm,
    Ellendale Elementary School, Surrey BC
    14525 110A Avenue (enter off 146th Street)


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